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World’s Tiniest Bunny Thumps His Teensy Feetsies Every Time He’s Fed

On a fateful Easter morning, Maddie stumbled upon a rabbit in desperate need of help. Rescued from a hoarding case, the rabbit had given birth to 14 baby bunnies, each one smaller and more vulnerable than the next. Among them was Tiny Tim, the tiniest and most unique of them all.


Tiny Tim was noticeably different from his siblings, with a weight of only 1.15 pounds. He had bald spots and a disheveled appearance. Despite his tiny size, Tim was feisty and determined, always searching for a warm spot in the middle of the pile of bunnies. Maddie took Tim to the vet to have his skin checked, but they couldn’t determine what was wrong with him or why he looked so different from the others.


Despite his mysterious condition, Tim was a voracious eater, doing a little happy dance with his feet every time Maddie fed him. Slowly but surely, Tim grew fluffier, eventually starting to look like a real rabbit. One evening, Maddie found Tim stiff and cold, fighting for his life. Heartbroken, she began to warm him up and talk to him, hoping he would stay with her. Miraculously, Tim heard Maddie’s voice, and his little ears twitched. He was alive and fighting to stay with his loving caretaker.

From that moment on, Tim never left Maddie’s side, following her around the house and coming whenever she called him. Maddie realized how special their bond was, as Tim brought immense joy to her life and sought her out for love.

Maddie’s house was chaotic, filled with various animals. However, Tim fit in perfectly with everyone, even cuddling with their most recent foster puppies, who were about the same size. Tim would constantly express his happiness by doing “zoomies” around the house.


The real surprise came when, at eight weeks old, it was revealed that Tiny Tim was actually a girl. She continued to be the biggest love bug, cherishing every moment of her new life. Despite her rough start, Tiny Tim found her bliss and a loving home, all thanks to Maddie’s unwavering dedication and care.

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