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Sheriff’s Deputy Barks Like Police K9 To Trick Teen Suspects Into Surrendering

In a unique and creative approach to apprehending suspects, a Pierce County deputy in Washington State barked like a police K9 to trick two teenage suspects into surrendering. The incident, which was captured on video, has since gone viral, showcasing the deputy’s quick thinking and resourcefulness.

Image/Story Source Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

On the night of October 26, Pierce County deputies were called to a report of a stolen vehicle in the Spanaway area. The vehicle was spotted by a deputy, who then pursued it until the suspects abandoned the car and fled on foot. The two suspects, a 15-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, hid in a nearby wooded area.

Deputy Mark Best, a 25-year veteran of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, was among the officers who responded to the scene. With no K9 unit available at the time, Best decided to use his own voice to imitate the sound of a police dog, barking loudly and convincingly enough to fool the suspects.

Image/Story Source Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

In the video, which was shared by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department on their Facebook page, Best can be heard barking and shouting, “Get out now, or you’re going to get bit!” The tactic worked, as the two suspects emerged from their hiding spots and surrendered to the deputies without further incident.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department praised Best’s actions, stating, “Deputy Best’s quick thinking and unique approach to the situation resulted in the safe apprehension of both suspects without injury to anyone involved.”

The video has since garnered thousands of views and comments on social media, with many users commending Best for his ingenuity and resourcefulness. Some even suggested that the deputy should consider a side gig as a voice actor, given his convincing K9 impersonation.

Image/Story Source Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

This incident serves as a reminder that law enforcement officers often have to think on their feet and adapt to various situations in order to ensure public safety. In this case, Deputy Best’s creative approach not only led to the successful apprehension of the suspects but also prevented any potential harm to the officers, the suspects, or the public.

As for the two teenage suspects, they were arrested and booked into the Remann Hall Juvenile Detention Center on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, attempting to elude a police vehicle, and resisting arrest.

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