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Man Releases Dog From Chains, Makes Her A Crown For Maternity Photo Shoot

Lucy, a pregnant Pit Bull, was found abandoned in a backyard with no food, water, or shelter. She was understandably scared and hesitant to trust anyone. However, with time and patience, she began to trust her rescuer, named Tye, and eventually walked through the front door of her new foster home. It was as if she was seeing a whole new world for the first time.


Upon closer examination, Tye noticed that Lucy’s stomach was unusually large. He decided to take her in for x-rays, which confirmed that she was indeed pregnant and close to giving birth. Just like any expectant mother, Tye felt Lucy deserved a maternity shoot. Tye made her a crown and helped her pose for the camera. She felt like a queen that day.


Once Lucy gave birth, her puppies were a total handful, but they brought beautiful chaos to their foster home. They received all the love and affection that Lucy never got to experience. Despite the challenges, Tye was more than willing to clean up after them and provide them with a loving environment.


Now that Lucy had Tye’s support, she undeniably felt safe and secure. She blossomed and found her forever family. All of her puppies found homes as well. When they were reunited a year later, Lucy lit up with joy. The puppies looked just like Mom and performed identical zoomies with their adorable floppy ears flying through the air. The whole Pit Bull family created a chaotic masterpiece of love.

Lucy’s story is a testament to the fact that one’s past does not define their future. With love, care, and a second chance, Lucy and her puppies were able to overcome their difficult beginnings and find happiness in their new homes.

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