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Baby Crow That Fell From 100 Ft Tree Is Adopted By Doting German Shepherd

Meet Xena, the German Shepherd, and Pepe, the rescue crow, an unlikely duo that has formed a unique bond. These two have a major sibling rivalry, and it seems that anything Xena has, Pepe wants. Whether it’s playing with a toy or going on walks, Pepe always wants to be involved in Xena’s activities.


When Xena sniffs something during their walks, Pepe runs up to see what she’s interested in, only to stand there confused because birds don’t have the same sense of smell as dogs. This often leads to some amusing interactions between the two.

Pepe’s journey began when he fell from a 100-foot tree. His rescuers recorded his noises and played them on speakers to see if his mother would come and check on him, but she didn’t. To keep him safe from stray cats, they brought him inside at night and fed him. Once Pepe started taking his first steps, they took him to their backyard, which provided a great environment for him to explore.


Instead of giving Pepe food directly, they would offer him mealworms, which he would peck at. As he developed flight feathers, they taught him to fly. It was a fantastic experience to see him get the hang of things so quickly. Pepe’s intelligence is evident in his favorite hiding spots for berries – his rescuer’s Crocs or the wrinkles in their shirts. However, it’s surprising that he hasn’t learned more reliable hiding spots as he’s gotten older.

When given food, Pepe started taking it to make crow friends. His rescuers would give him good food to share with his new friends. They began to see him with one, then two friends, and eventually, he joined a crow family. Now, Pepe visits his rescuers once a week.


It’s bittersweet to see Pepe become more independent, but his rescuers’ goal from the beginning was to make sure he could live as normal of a crow life as possible. Seeing him adapt so well to new experiences and challenges always puts a smile on their faces, and they are truly appreciative of having had the experience with him.

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