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11 Best Dog And Owner Halloween Costumes

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With dog and owner Halloween costumes, your dog can join in on the fun of this spooky holiday. There are lots of adorable pet costumes out there, and finding a silly or cute one to match your costume is sure to get some attention. Yet, there are so many options out there, so how do you decide which one is right for you and your dog?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best matching dog and human costumes so you and your furry friend can look your best on Halloween. Remember, your dog’s comfort matters more than looks when choosing a great costume.

Dog and owner matching Halloween outfits

Buyer’s Guide: Dog and Owner Costumes for Halloween

Before you choose costumes for dogs and owners, consider the following factors.


If you want your costume to match your dog’s, you’ll need to decide on a theme or characters that go together. Make sure you can find costumes that fit what you’re looking for, or if you’re feeling creative, materials and accessories to make your own.


Once you’ve decided what costumes you want, you need to make sure they come in the right size. Dog sizes aren’t as consistent as human sizes, so make sure you look at the size chart to pick the most accurate costume.

Comfort and Safety

Your dog should be comfortable in their costume, so the fabric should be soft and breathable. For safety, the costume should have a hole for your dog’s leash and secure straps. It shouldn’t have any small pieces that could become choking hazards.


Finally, durability is something to consider. If your dog loves to chew, you’ll want to find a costume made of strong materials that won’t rip easily. However, the material should be flexible enough so your dog can comfortably move without breaking their costume.

French Bulldogs Matching Costumes

Best Matching Dog and Owner Halloween Costumes

1. Toto and Dorothy

Toto and Dorothy Costumes

Most Dorothy costumes come with a plush Toto in a basket, but you don’t need that if you have your own little dog to tag along. This adorable pet costume allows your dog to walk alongside you during Halloween events. Plus, it’s impossible not to smile when you see a little dog in a basket running toward you.


  • Dog in basket costume replaces plush dog
  • Dog costume comes in five sizes
  • Human Dorothy costume comes in three child sizes and five adult sizes
  • Human options are officially licensed Wizard of Oz costumes


2. Ghostbuster and Ghost

Ghostbuster and Ghost Costumes

There are plenty of Ghostbuster costumes for humans, but it’s funnier if the dog takes on that role while the humans of the household are the ghosts. Ghost costumes come in a wide range of sizes and styles for kids and adults. And if none of the ghost costumes fit what you’re looking for, you can never go wrong with making a costume out of an old sheet.


  • Ghostbuster costume comes in several sizes
  • Dog option is an officially licensed Ghostbusters costume
  • Kid ghost costume comes in six sizes
  • Both ghost costumes are unisex


3. Stitch and Lilo

Stitch and Lilo Costumes

If you’ve always wanted your own personal Stitch after watching the beloved Disney movie, Halloween is the perfect opportunity. You can dress your pup up as Stitch while you or your daughter take on the role of Lilo. Your pup will look extra cuddly in this Stitch outfit, so they’re sure to get lots of pets.


  • Super soft Stitch hoodie for dogs
  • Stitch costume comes in seven sizes
  • Lilo costumes come with headpieces, wrist cuffs, and leg cuffs
  • Kid Lilo costume comes in three sizes
  • Adult Lilo costume comes in four sizes


4. Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin Costumes

Your dog is the star of the show, so they deserve to play the role of Batman. Luckily, there are plenty of fun Robin costumes so you can match your furry friend. This dog Batman costume comes in a variety of sizes so dogs of all breeds can live out their superhero fantasies and fight crime by their human’s side.


  • You and your dog can become a crime-fighting duo
  • Dog Batman costume comes in six sizes
  • Kid Robin costume comes with attached cape
  • Both Robin costumes come in three sizes


5. Pirate and Parrot

Pirate and Parrot Costumes

This is another great opportunity for your dog to be a star while you play their loyal sidekick. There’s a wide variety of parrot costumes for humans that all ages can enjoy. You may not be able to sit on the pirate’s shoulder, but you’ll still be an adorable pair when attending Halloween events.


  • Pirate costume comes with tiny arms for added cuteness
  • Pirate costume comes in four dog sizes
  • Adult parrot costumes are unisex onesies
  • There are four adult parrot sizes
  • Kid parrot costumes are one-size-fits-all wings
  • The kid parrot wings come in four vibrant colors


6. Mailman and Dog

Mailman and Dog Costume

This is a great dog and owner Halloween costume where the roles are reversed. Your dog probably barks every time they see the mailman, but now, they get to become the mailman. The dog costumes for both kids and adults are unisex onesies, making them extra comfortable, especially if it gets cold in your area on Halloween.


  • Reverse the roles by giving your dog this cute mailman costume
  • Mailman costume for dogs comes in four sizes
  • Dog costumes for humans are unisex onesies
  • Adult costume resembles Rottweiler, kid costume resembles Dalmatian
  • Adult dog costume comes in four sizes
  • Kid dog costume comes in six sizes


7. Yoda and Luke Skywalker

Yoda and Luke Skywalker Costumes

If you’re a Star Wars fan, this is one of the many character combinations you can choose for you and your dog. The adorable dog Yoda costume has plush arms to make it look like your dog is standing upright when viewed from the front. The only downside for these outfits is that lightsabers are sold separately.


  • Yoda dog costume has adorable plush arms
  • Dog costume comes in three sizes
  • Human costumes include clothing only, not lightsabers
  • Kid and adult costumes come in several sizes
  • All costumes are hand wash only


8. Shrek and Donkey

Shrek and Donkey Costumes

Shrek is a popular movie that all ages can appreciate, and dressing up as this duo is sure to make others laugh and smile. Most people wouldn’t expect your cute little pooch to play the role of the “big, scary ogre.” And as your dog’s noble steed, you can stick by their side to help them rescue a princess.


  • Shrek dog costume comes in four sizes
  • Dog costume is officially licensed by Universal
  • Adult and child costumes are both jumpsuits
  • Kid costume comes in six sizes
  • Adult costume comes in five sizes


9. Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Buzz Lightyear and Woody Costumes

Disney fans are sure to fall in love with this costume idea. Your dog will get to play the role of a brave Space Ranger while you can be the beloved cowboy. There are lots of Buzz and Woody costumes for both humans and pets, so if you’d rather switch those two roles, that’s a great option to consider too. However, it may be difficult to keep a cowboy hat on some dogs.


  • All costumes are officially licensed by Disney
  • Buzz Lightyear dog costume comes in a variety of sizes
  • Kid and adult Woody costumes both come in four sizes
  • Human costumes are hand wash only


10. Hot Dog and Vendor

Hot Dog and Vendor Costumes

A hot dog is a classic dog costume, especially if you have a Dachshund. So, you can add to the charm of your dog’s costume by dressing up as a hot dog vendor to match them. The human costumes not only come with the vendor outfit, but they also include a carrying tray with fake hot dogs and condiments. Although your dog will be the best hot dog of them all.


  • Hot dog costume only covers your dog’s back for comfort
  • Hot dog costume comes in four sizes
  • Vendor costumes come with trays to hold fake hot dogs
  • Kid costume comes in two sizes
  • Adult costume only comes in one size


11. Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi Costumes

You and your dog are probably best friends just like video game icons Mario and Luigi. Since your dog is likely to steal the attention, they deserve to be Mario, but since both characters are common costumes, you can swap the roles if you’d like. With these dog and owner Halloween costumes on, you can feel like you’re part of one of your favorite video games.


  • Dog costume includes hat and cape-like outfit
  • Human costumes are officially licensed
  • Human costumes include jumpsuit, hat, and mustache
  • Kid option comes in four sizes
  • Adult option comes in three sizes


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dogs Like Costumes?

The reaction to costumes can vary widely among individual dogs. Some may enjoy the extra attention and treats that come with being dressed up, while others might find wearing a costume stressful or uncomfortable. It’s essential to observe your dog’s behavior closely when introducing them to a costume, and if they show any signs of discomfort, it may be best to choose a simpler accessory or avoid dressing them up altogether.

Can You Walk Your Dog While They’re Wearing a Costume?

Yes, you can walk your dog while they’re wearing a costume, but it’s crucial to ensure that the outfit doesn’t restrict their movement, vision, or breathing. Some costumes even have a leash hole to make it easier, but if your dog seems uncomfortable in their costume, you may want to walk them without it.

How Long Can a Dog Wear a Costume?

The duration for which a dog can comfortably wear a costume varies depending on the dog’s tolerance and the costume’s design. As a general rule, it’s best to keep the costume-wearing sessions short, especially if it’s your pet’s first time dressing up. Always monitor your dog for signs of discomfort or stress, and remove the costume if you notice any adverse reactions.

Can I Bring My Dog Trick-Or-Treating?

Yes, you can bring your dog trick-or-treating, but it’s important to consider your pet’s temperament and how they typically react to strangers, crowds, and other dogs. Keep your dog on a leash and be prepared to head home if they show signs of stress or discomfort. Always prioritize your dog’s safety and well-being, avoiding houses that have elaborate decorations or loud noises that might spook them.

Are There Any Dog-Friendly Halloween Treats?

Yes, there are dog-friendly Halloween treats available, often made from pet-safe ingredients like pumpkin, peanut butter, or sweet potato. Many pet stores offer seasonal treats specifically designed for dogs, and there are also numerous recipes available for homemade dog treats. Always introduce new treats gradually and in moderation, and consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns about allergies or dietary restrictions.

How Can I Keep My Dog Calm While Trick-Or-Treaters Are at the Door?

To keep your dog calm when trick-or-treaters come to the door, consider creating a quiet, comfortable space away from the front door where your pet can retreat. You can also use distractions like toys or treats, and calming aids such as pheromone sprays or a ThunderShirt, to help reduce anxiety and stress during the frequent doorbell rings and visitor arrivals.

What are Some Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs?

To ensure a safe Halloween for your dog, keep all candy, especially chocolate and anything containing xylitol, out of their reach as these can be toxic. Create a quiet, secure space for your pet to retreat to if the festivities become overwhelming, and consider keeping them away from the front door to avoid the risk of escape or aggressive behavior towards trick-or-treaters. Always supervise your dog if they’re wearing a costume, making sure it doesn’t restrict their movement, vision, or breathing.

Why Does My Dog Bark at People in Costumes?

Dogs often bark at people in costumes because the unfamiliar shapes and outfits can be confusing or threatening to them. The inability to recognize human facial expressions and body language while someone is in costume may trigger a dog’s defensive or alert instincts, causing them to bark as a warning or to express discomfort.

Dog trick-or-treating

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these dog and owner costume ideas helped you decide what to dress up as this Halloween. This list is just a jumping-off point since there are endless matching costumes for humans and dogs to choose from. Before you buy any costumes, make sure they’re comfortable for both you and your canine companion. Then, you’ll both be ready for an exciting and spooky celebration.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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