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Dog With Abusive Past Won’t Leave Her Crate, Fearing She’ll Be Scolded Again

When Mavyn, a rescue dog, first arrived at her new home with Madison and Nick, it was clear that she was terrified. She had come from an abusive home, and her adoptive family knew that she might have some trauma to work through. For the first five days, Mavyn stayed in her kennel, unwilling to leave. With some time, she slowly ventured out to eat, but to get all four paws outside the crate was quite an ordeal.


Madison and Nick took it slow, celebrating tiny victories along the way. One day, while they were sitting outside waiting for her to come back in, Mavyn ran into Madison’s arms and began showering her with affection. It was as if a switch had flipped, and Mavyn has loved her new family ever since.


Now, Mavyn wants to love on everyone she meets. She’s a cuddler and loves to give hugs. When she trusts someone, she’s all in, wanting to be right in their face and showering them with affection. Her family calls her a “forever puppy” because she now does whatever she wants, enjoying her newfound freedom and happiness.

Mavyn has a favorite toy, which she carries around like it’s her job. She greets her family at the door with her plushy in her mouth. They knew that Mavyn would do better with a support dog, so they adopted Luna about six months after bringing Mavyn home. The two dogs hit it off right away and are constantly playing together.


Mavyn’s transformation from a fearful dog to one who finds joy in the every day is something her family is incredibly proud of. There are so many dogs like Mavyn who just need the right people to give them a chance to learn to trust again.

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