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Great Dane Regains His Strength, Picks Out Toy And Tries To Pay For It Himself

When a Great Dane puppy in rough shape was brought to a local animal rescue, the staff knew they had their work cut out for them. The young dog, named Avenue, was estimated to be between four and six months old. He was severely malnourished and weak. He couldn’t get in and out of a vehicle or climb stairs on his own. Despite his condition, the puppy was sweet, gentle, and trusting.


Determined to help Avenue regain his strength, the rescue staff fed him every three to four hours, even in the middle of the night. As his health improved, his goofy personality started to emerge. The staff celebrated even the smallest milestones like the first time he went outside to run.

Avenue quickly learned commands and manners. Everyone was delighted with each new thing he was able to do. When Avenue reached a healthy weight and was cleared by the vet, the only thing left to do before adoption was to show him how great life could be.


Avenue was taken on a field trip, with the first stop being a local pet store. He had a blast picking out his own toys and even placed them on the register counter himself. The next stop was his first ice cream, which he devoured once he got a taste. Avenue had many new experiences on his day out and returned to the rescue with a big smile on his adorable face.


Finally, the day came for Avenue to go to his forever home. Loading him into the car was a bittersweet moment for the staff, but they knew he was going to live the life he deserved. Avenue’s journey from a malnourished, weak puppy to a strong, happy dog is a testament to the dedication of animal rescues who help pets in need.

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