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One-Eyed Puppy Heals Mama Who Was Mourning The Loss Of Her Litter

When a tiny, sick puppy named Raisin was brought to a veterinarian, the vet knew he could save her. However, he had to remove one of her eyes, and he said he wasn’t sure who would want her afterward. At the same time, a dog named Daya was pulled out of a shelter by a rescue group because she appeared to be pregnant. However, a heartbreaking complication arose: Daya wasn’t going to have any puppies. A week later, everyone was expecting a litter of puppies, but there were none. Daya was depressed, and her foster mom knew she needed help to heal from her loss.


A call was put out for someone to take in both the orphaned puppy and the mourning mother dog, but no one seemed willing to take on the responsibility of caring for both animals. That’s when a kind woman saw their photo and knew she had to do something. She woke her husband up in the middle of the night and told him they needed to help these dogs.

When they first met Daya and Raisin, the couple was amazed at how tiny Raisin was and how quickly Daya took to the puppy. Daya immediately began bathing and licking Raisin, and when Raisin reciprocated the affection, they knew this duo would get along famously. Daya was very maternal and protective of Raisin, and it seemed as though she was no longer struggling with her own loss.


As Raisin began to feel better and Daya showed improvement as well, the couple felt that the bond between the two dogs was incredibly rewarding. Soon, Daya found her forever family and her foster parents were thrilled. However, they soon realized they couldn’t part with Raisin and decided to adopt her.

Now, Raisin is bonding with the couple’s other dog, Charlie, who was initially terrified of the tiny puppy. Once Charlie realized that Raisin was a strong, spicy little dog, they became best friends. Charlie even seems to have taken on some maternal qualities with Raisin despite never having been around puppies before.


The story of Daya and Raisin is a heartwarming example of how animals can form strong bonds and help each other heal from emotional wounds. The love and support that Daya provided to Raisin, and the joy that Raisin brought to Daya, show that sometimes all it takes is a little bit of love and understanding to make a world of difference.

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