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Mom & Daughter Dogs Abandoned At Grocery Store Found Out Back Around A Bucket

A couple of dogs had been wandering around a grocery store for about a week with the workers feeding them when they could, but Love Furry Friends was finally called upon for rescue. They couldn’t find the dogs at first but then went around back where the two were spotted trying to fend for themselves…

Image/Story Source Credit: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel via YouTube Video

The dogs were actually very friendly and started wagging their tails right away! So it wasn’t a problem to get them in the vehicle and over to the vet for checkups. The mama was about two or three years old and both were pretty healthy. Britney and Nelly would be in great hands until a forever home came calling! And that wouldn’t take long… 😉

Click the video below to watch the incredible and heartwarming ending!

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