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Woman Discovers Dog Living On Mattress In Woods, Attempts To Coax Him Over

Hondo was discovered living on a mattress in the woods. He was nervous and apprehensive. His rescuer, Breana, approached him cautiously, hoping he wouldn’t run away. Hondo’s skin was in terrible condition, and he was completely bald. Even though he had been wronged by humans before, the dog was willing to accept help. He followed Breana as she made her way to her truck, ready to change his life for good!


After being loaded into Breana’s vehicle, Hondo was taken to a shelter, where he began to open up. His personality, which had been masked by trauma, started to shine through. He became more comfortable with people. Hondo turned out to be a goofy, playful, and loving dog.


Hondo stayed at the shelter for a little over a month, but unfortunately, he wasn’t receiving any interest from potential adopters or rescue organizations. That’s when the shelter made a call to South Coast Humane Society, who quickly arranged for Hondo to be picked up and taken to a foster home with Sarah.

Sarah was heartbroken when she saw Hondo’s condition, knowing that it must have taken years of neglect for him to end up in such a state. However, Hondo quickly bonded with Sarah’s son, Seth, who was gentle and patient with him. Together, Sarah and Seth gave Hondo baths twice a week to help improve his skin condition.


Despite his past experiences, Hondo proved to be a friendly dog who got along with everyone he met. Ideally, Hondo would thrive in a home that caters to his laid-back nature. Would the deserving dog who lived an unfair life find his forever family? Watch the video below to find out!

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