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Man Takes Homeless Dog To Pet Store To Buy Him Everything He Touches

Rocky Kanaka is at it again, and this time he’s taking a homeless dog named King to a pet store and buying him anything and everything he touches! King was abandoned and hit by a car and ended up losing a leg, but now he’s doing great. He just needs a forever home. But first, a shopping spree fit for a dog! 😛

Image/Story Source Credit: Rocky Kanaka via YouTube video

Rocky takes King to the local Petco with the intention of buying the dog literally everything he touches. And for a dog who’s never been in a pet store and has maybe even never seen a toy, the excitement level was through the roof!

Image/Story Source Credit: Rocky Kanaka via YouTube video

When Rocky said he’d buy anything the dog touched, he meant anything. Yep, even that giant cat tower! This is the best and a wonderful thing to do for a dog in need. The video is a little longer than most but definitely worth your time, trust us!

Click the video below to watch this absolutely wonderful story!

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