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Mom And Daughter On Vacation Are Stalked By A Family Of Needy Pups

When a mother and daughter encountered a family of injured dogs while traveling in India, they knew they couldn’t leave them behind. The dogs were friendly and loving, following the women wherever they went. They decided to care for the dogs. Mom and daughter cleaned them up and provided whatever they needed.


The women took the dogs to a veterinarian and began feeding them every day. As time went on, it became clear that the dogs were becoming attached to their rescuers. The women knew they couldn’t leave India without helping these dogs find a better life. They decided to bring the dogs to the United States, where they could find loving homes.


Obtaining permission from the CDC to bring the dogs to the U.S. would take approximately seven months. In the meantime, the women needed to ensure the dogs were safe. They called 40 to 50 different boarding facilities until they found a place that would accept the dogs for the time being. The dogs were gathered up and safely transported to the boarding facility. The two women were so grateful!

After finally receiving CDC permission, the dogs were flown to the U.S. They traveled for 40 hours before finally arriving at their new home. The women were overjoyed to have the dogs with them, and the dogs were equally excited to explore their new surroundings.


The dogs were given baths and were allowed to roam around the house. They quickly became accustomed to their new environment and got along well with the family’s other pets. The entire experience felt surreal to the women, who couldn’t believe the dogs were finally with them.

Unfortunately, the women don’t have the space to keep the entire family of dogs permanently. However, they are happy to provide a temporary home for them until they can find loving families to adopt them. They are looking for kind humans who can give the dogs the same love and care the mom and daughter provided during their time together.

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