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Lady Embraced Greyhound Living In A Paddock That No One Had Loved Before

When Ali first met Claude, a Greyhound with a troubled past, she wasn’t sure what to expect. Greyhounds have an interesting reputation in Australia, as they are sometimes required to wear muzzles in public. Despite this, Ali was drawn to the idea of rescuing a Greyhound and giving him a loving home. This is the heartwarming story of how Claude, a former racing dog, found his forever home and became an integral part of Ali’s family.


Ali decided to visit Brightside, a fantastic rescue center in Tasmania that specializes in taking in and rehoming Greyhounds. It was there that she met Claude, a sweet and gentle dog who had been kept in a paddock for two years by his previous owner, who had lost interest in racing him. As soon as she met Claude, Ali knew he was the perfect pup!

Bringing Claude home was a learning experience for both him and his new family. He didn’t know his name, had never been indoors, and needed to be carried down the stairs until he got the hang of it. But with patience and love, Ali slowly built trust with Claude, and he soon became the most affectionate dog she could have hoped for.


When Ali gave birth to her son, she was initially nervous about how Claude would react to the new addition to the family. However, from the moment they brought their baby home from the hospital, Claude curled up next to them on the couch. Within days, Claude and the baby were cuddled up, sleeping next to each other, forming a beautiful bond.

Living near the beach, Ali often takes Claude down to the shore, where his face lights up with joy at the freedom to run around. Watching him run is breathtaking, as Greyhounds are incredibly fast animals. Claude’s speed often catches the attention of other dogs on the beach, who are left in awe of his unique appearance and incredible athleticism.


Claude’s gentle nature and loving personality have made him an irreplaceable part of Ali’s family. He doesn’t feel like just a pet or a dog, but rather his own being with a soul. His sweetness, gentleness, love, and patience continue to surprise Ali, and she believes that what Claude has brought to their lives is far greater than what they have given him.

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