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20+ Coolest New Dog Products From SUPERZOO 2023

Another SUPERZOO is in the books and this one might have been the biggest ever. The Mandalay Bay conference center in Las Vegas, Nevada hosted over 10,000 retailers in the pet industry this year, many rolling out new, never-before-seen products for furred, feathered, and scaled friends. 

Trends come and go in the pet industry just like any other, and walking around SUPERZOO gives an idea of what the discerning pet parent is looking for when it comes to caring for or spoiling their furry friends. These are just a few of the amazing products the iHeartDogs and iHeartCats team noticed this year. 

Primal Raw Frozen Pronto for Puppies

Primal Pet Foods recognizes that there are many benefits to incorporating raw and fresh foods into your pet’s diet from an early age. Raw pet food is not only high in protein, but the unrefined, food-based nutrients found in the food can help support a puppy’s immune, circulatory, and digestive health. That’s why Primal only uses real, whole food ingredients – never any synthetic supplements.

AnimalBiome Microbiome Gut Test

AnimalBiome scientists have studied the gut microbiomes of more than 30,000 cats and dogs and have developed science-backed solutions for pets suffering from various symptoms. If your pet suffers from health problems like diarrhea, vomiting, or itchy skin, the cause could be a microbiome imbalance. AnimalBiome’s microbiome testing and supplement products provide a scientific, comprehensive roadmap to achieving a healthy gut microbiome through a 3-Step process: test, restore, and maintain.

Cheerble Wicked Ball toy

Cheerble’s line of toys for cats and dogs are sleek, but still fun for pets. Their Wicked Ball toy lights up, rolls, blinks and bounces to keep your pup entertained long after your throwing arm would have tired out! It moves quickly and in unexpected ways, sometimes stopping entirely to give your pup a moment to rest before taking off again! It’s even water resistant, because your dog is going to be drooling over it the moment playtime starts!

Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw

Open Farm wants to be the better choice for both your pet’s health and the environment. Their freeze-dried raw food line is made with sustainably sourced organic produce, wild-caught fish, and humanely raised cattle. Their gentle freeze-drying method ensures that the food retains as many nutrients as possible to give your cat or dog everything he needs to thrive in his bowl.

Check out the wide variety of freeze-dried flavors they have for both cats and dogs.

Boss Nation Brands Treats

Boss Dog Brand Greek Style Frozen Yogurt Treats for cats and dogs use 100% human-grade ingredients with flavors pets crave. Your cat or dog will love the combinations of peanut butter and banana, cheddar and bacon, pumpkin and cinnamon, and new peanut butter and applesauce. Try them after a walk for a cool down or even for training.

furMe 5-in-1 Professional Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit

furMe just launched its new five-in-one professional pet grooming kit. The new Professional Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit has everything you need to groom your pet at home. Imagine a grooming brush, a de-shedding brush, electric clippers, a crevice cleaning head, and a cleaning brush all in one small machine. The new product innovation even captures 99% of bio-waste, which includes dust, mites, hair, fur, allergens, and more!  And, it’s very very quiet. Not like a vacuum cleaner!

RedBarn’s Gently Air Dried Dog Food

RedBarn’s Gently Air Dried Dog Food is made with more meat than other brands, giving their air dried dog food a higher protein content than you might find in other dry foods. The low-heat, slow-cook method also retains more taste, texture, and nutrition so your dog gets a real treat every time he eats. This crunchy option can also be used as a topper if you’re not quite ready to switch brands entirely, but want to boost the content of his bowl.

TUFFY Durable Frankenstein Dog Toy

TUFFY’s World’s Tuffest Soft Dog Toy, with its Frankenstein design, ensures that the Halloween spirit is alive and well during playtime. This is more than just a spooky plush toy; its robust construction promises to stand strong against even the most passionate chewers. The Frankenstein-themed design is both eerie and delightful, making it the perfect spooky gift for your furry friend this season. While soft enough to be gentle on your dog’s gums, it promises interactive play sessions filled with Halloween fun. Though it might come with a slightly higher price tag than other toys, the durability and unique design make it well worth the investment. All in all, TUFFY’s Frankenstein toy promises hauntingly fun playtimes and unmatched durability.

Pet House Candles by One Fur All

One of the only candles on the market made specifically for pets. All candles feature inviting fragrances blending a variety of scents. There are no parabens, no phthalates, and no dyes. They’re made with 100 percent natural plant-based wax, hand-poured in the United States with cotton wicks. They will feature a new autumn candle fragrance called Cherry Crumble, an Apple Cider scent available in a room spray, a Happy Birthday candle, and coming soon: new reed diffusers.

SodaPup Slow Feeders

SodaPups’s slow feeders are both functional and fun to look at. These bowls can help keep your dog from gulping down their food too fast and will make mealtime a bit more interesting for your dog, as he’ll have to figure out how to get every last little lick out of the bowl.


ActivPhy is introducing a different way to support your pets’ joint health. For cats and dogs who aren’t keen on taking supplements, collars might be an answer we didn’t know we needed. The ActivPhy Mobility Collar delivers hip + joint support through contact with skin and fur for 30 days. These are the same ingredients you’ll find in the supplements your pet might not be crazy about, like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM. You won’t have to remember to give a supplement every day – just change the collar once a month.

Grizzly Omegas

Grizzly Omegas is offering yet another way to get some health-boosting ingredients into your dog’s diet without having to feed them extra treats. These supplements come in liquid form, and in convenient, easy to store and use bottles with pumps. Rather than having to carefully measure the liquid, all you have to do is use the chart to find the right amount of supplement for your pup and add it to their food or water. Grizzly Omegas makes a number of supplements for both cats and dogs to support organs, skin and coat, gut health, and immune functions.


Instachew has a whole line of smart products that will take almost all the work out of caring for your pets! You will never have to get up to check if your dog or cats needs are being met because you will be able to do it all from your phone. With a super quick touch of a button you can activate a pet feeder, smart water bowl, litter box, or treat-dispensing camera. You’ll be able to dedicate all the time you free up with your Instachew smart items to more cuddles, scratches, and playtime. One of our favorites is the Purechew Sight Smart Pet Feeder, which will feed your pets automatically and features an HD camera so you can see whether they’re eating their food, picking out their favorite pieces, or just making a mess. It also has two-way audio so you can tell them what a good boy or girl they are even while you’re away.

Bionic Dog Toys

In 2006, in a San Diego, CA garage, BIONIC began with a simple idea that has since blossomed into a heartfelt commitment to dogs and their pet parents, providing unparalleled durability that keeps tails wagging. With its patented geometry, BIONIC is designed to deflect and distribute incoming bite forces away from the more vulnerable shape areas for increased strength and durability – giving your dog a tougher, longer-lasting toy.

Solid Gold Nutrient Boost Meal Topper

Solid Gold’s Nutrientboost Meal Topper is a great-tasting recipe powered by Nutrientboost to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Give your dog the boost they need with every bite of vitamin and protein-packed plasma with minerals, amino acids, and antibodies. Unlike other additives and toppers, this crave-able, nutrient-rich blend of all-natural ingredients supports digestion, immunity, and nutrient absorption.

Bow Wow Buddy

Veterinarian and dog-approved, the patent-pending Bow Wow Buddy provides peace of mind by tightly securing bully sticks, preventing dogs from choking on the tail end of their treat and eliminating the potential for obstruction. This device is the ultimate solution for dog owners seeking a safe and convenient way to treat their furry friends. The Bow Wow Buddy is the safest way to snack!

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

Grip Trex dog boots set the standard in paw wear for dogs who hike, bike, run, or explore the great outdoors with their humans. With the Grip Trex, those paws can go the distance thanks to the rugged and resilient Ruffwear-designed Vibram outsole with exceptional traction and protection on varied terrain. The breathable mesh upper provides ventilation, and the closure system combines hook-and-loop with hardware, cinching around the narrowest part of the dog’s leg to provide a secure fit.

Go! Solutions Boosters for cats and dogs

The way to a dog’s health (and heart) is often through their stomach! Go! Solutions Digestion + Gut Health Salmon Recipe with Ancient Grains offers a specialized mixture of patented probiotics designed to survive the digestive tract and support digestion. It also contains a three-yeast blend to support a healthy gut microbiome, and fiber-rich ancient grains including quinoa, sorghum, millet and oats.


Pets are family and deserve the best care always. Petzey was created to help pet parents connect with vet professionals to help keep their pets healthy and happy! Download their app from Google Play or App Store and consult a veterinarian for only $20 per call.

Alzoo Shampoo in Reusable Bottles

Alzoo is a certified B-Corp, meaning they’re dedicated to doing business in a responsible, sustainable, and socially conscious way. They’re offering pet parents more sustainable options when it comes to pet care – starting with their concentrated shampoo powder. Dogs need a little help keeping clean, but that doesn’t have to mean more plastic. Just add water to create the most gentle cleansing and deep conditioning for your dog, all while being kind to the planet.

Therapetixx Greener Lawn Saver Plus

Therapetixx Greener Lawn Saver Plus was developed in the USA and made in Oregon by top holistic veterinary urologists. The formula works synergistically to lower pH levels and bring down the acidity levels in your dog’s urine. With an added probiotic for the gut, which makes those unsightly-looking brown and yellow spots on your beautiful lawn, their formula also helps to maintain a healthy bladder and urinary tract. Use code iheartdog15 for 15% off and free shipping for iHeartDogs readers only!

Springer Flip Dog Travel Water Bottle

With a leak-proof design and built-in foldable silicone drinking bowl, you can easily give your dog fresh water whenever they need it, no matter where you are. It’s compact, foldable, and lightweight design makes it easy to pack and carry. It fits in most cup holders and easily attaches to your backpack or leash with the included carabiner.

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