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Her Dog Passed Prematurely, Wants To Give Puppy The Life He Missed Out On

Kelly had recently lost her family dog in early 2019. The dog was only five years old. Kelly wanted to adopt another dog to give her the life her family dog missed out on. Little did she know that she would find her soul dog, Bailey, at a local adoption event.

At the adoption event, Kelly noticed a small crate with three dogs. Two of them were jumping all over each other, but Bailey remained seated with the saddest eyes as if she was saying, “It’s time to take me home.” And so, Kelly did.


Bailey, once a stray from Puerto Rico, turned out to be one of the most loyal and genuinely sweet dogs Kelly had ever met. If a dog could talk, Kelly believes Bailey would speak to her. It’s as if Bailey immediately knows how to respond to whatever Kelly says.

One day, Kelly came home from work to find Bailey with some swelling around her eyes. It turned out to be a rare autoimmune disease, causing her eyes to protrude from her head. As a pet parent, Kelly was extremely worried but tried to keep it cool because Bailey feeds off her emotions. The vet assured her that the condition was relatively painless, and Bailey barely even knew what was going on. After two weeks of treatment, Bailey was back to normal as if nothing had ever happened.


Later, Kelly went to Muddy Paws Rescue and adopted another dog named Odin, who was born in a shelter in North Carolina. Odin and Bailey are polar opposite personalities, but they balance each other out. Odin is very affectionate and confident, while Bailey is more reserved and initially fearful.

Bailey has a unique morning routine where she takes Kelly’s pajamas, runs around the house with them in her mouth, and whines. Kelly believes it’s Bailey’s way of saying, “You’re going to work, but I’ll still have a piece of you.” Kelly feels that Bailey is her heart dog and was meant to be with her. Their love for each other is unconditional, and they cherish each other’s presence every day.

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