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Dog Lovers Rally To Raise $60K For Maui’s Furry Friends In Need

Though the fires that ravaged the beautiful island of Maui have been extinguished, its landscapes and communities stand in ruins. The rich history of Lahaina stands in ash and devastation. And with so many lives tragically lost and more still unaccounted for, the local hospitals overloaded, and citizens left unsure of what comes next, the heart of the island is heavy with grief.

But, even in such a dire situation, a beacon of hope emerged. Fueled by the unwavering commitment of dog lovers like you, iHeartDogs and its community raised an astounding $60,000 in donations for the rescue efforts. And through the power of teamwork, more than 100 shelter animals were flown to safety and had a chance for a fresh start.

Coming Together For the Greater Good

On August 17th, in a heartening display of collaboration and determination, iHeartDogs joined forces with Greater Good Charities, Southwest Airlines®, and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue to deliver crucial supplies to the inhabitants and animals affected by the fires that ripped through Maui. But the spirit of rescue and rehabilitation didn’t stop there.

The following day, on August 18th, thanks to the magnanimous support of iHeartDogs’ generous community, a flight carrying salvation soared through the skies. Over 100 shelter pets, whose futures seemed uncertain amidst the flames and smoke, were safely relocated to Oregon. This remarkable endeavor not only provided these animals with a fresh start but also emptied the Maui shelters, allowing them to accommodate the rising number of pets rendered homeless by the fires.

A Staggering Amount of Support from You

The staggering $60,000 raised for this cause stands as testimony to the unmatched generosity of dog lovers like you. These funds facilitated the secure boarding and landing of these vulnerable pets in Oregon, ensuring their safety. Every purchase from our Second Chance Movement Collection, including the “I Heart Shelter Dogs Aloha Premium Tees,” funneled cash into the rescue effort, demonstrating the profound impact a collective endeavor can achieve.

And we just can’t thank you enough for your generosity. Neither can the sweet furry ones who are now secure in mainland shelters!

Your unwavering support in these trying times was pivotal, and the impact created in the lives of those rescued pets is profound and everlasting. Every individual who stood as an iHeartDogs Hero, every dollar donated, every purchase made, collectively breathed life into the hope that even in the darkest times, humanity can shine its brightest.

The warmth of your generosity, the spirit of your support, and the transformative power of the $60,000 raised will forever remain etched in the grateful hearts of Maui’s residents and their pets. Thank you for being a shining beacon in their darkest hour.

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