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St. Bernard Puppy Training: The Surprising Truth About When to Start

The St. Bernard is a gentle giant, historically known for its brave rescue missions in the Swiss Alps and its benevolent nature. These dogs, with their imposing size and compassionate temperament, can be an absolute delight to families, especially when trained properly. The journey to raising a well-behaved St. Bernard starts early in its life. This article guides you through the optimal time to begin training, potential pitfalls from a missed early education, and the modern benefits of online dog training courses specifically for your St. Bernard.

Initiating Training – Sooner Rather Than Later for a St. Bernard Puppy

Starting Young: The best period to embark on training your St. Bernard is between 7-9 weeks. During these formative weeks, puppies are highly receptive, and laying down the groundwork ensures a smooth transition to adulthood.

Essential Socialization: St. Bernards are inherently friendly, but their sheer size can be intimidating to many. Early socialization is key to ensuring they are comfortable around diverse environments, people, animals, and noises, resulting in a confident adult dog.

The Fundamental Commands: Given that St. Bernards can grow to be massive, mastering basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, and ‘heel’ early on is essential. The use of positive reinforcement during this phase yields effective results.

Consequences of Neglecting Early Training of a St. Bernard Puppy

Bypassing the critical window of early training can introduce several behavioral challenges:

1. Unintentional Roughness: Without training, a playful St. Bernard might not realize its strength, leading to unintentional rough play or knocking over items and even people.

2. Stubbornness: While St. Bernards are keen learners, they can also display a stubborn side. If not addressed early, this can lead to challenges in commanding and controlling them as they grow.

3. Inadequate Social Skills: The absence of early socialization can result in a St. Bernard who’s hesitant or even aggressive in unfamiliar situations or around strangers.

4. Leash Pulling: Given their strength, a St. Bernard that hasn’t learned leash etiquette can be extremely challenging to walk, making outings strenuous for both the dog and the owner.

Advantages of Online Dog Training for St. Bernard Puppy

As we delve deeper into the digital age, online dog training resources have burgeoned, offering some distinctive advantages:

1. Flexibility and Personalized Pacing: Every St. Bernard, with its unique temperament, will learn at its own pace. Online training allows owners the flexibility to adjust lessons as per their dog’s comfort and receptiveness, ensuring a stress-free learning experience.

2. A Comprehensive Library at Your Fingertips: Online dog training courses offer access to a plethora of techniques, demonstrative videos, and expert insights. This vast resource pool ensures owners have multiple strategies at their disposal, enhancing the training experience and effectiveness for their St. Bernard.

The Only 2 Online Puppy Training Courses We Recommend

1. SpiritDog’s Ultimate Puppy Bundle (BEST BUDGET FRIENDLY OPTION)

This comprehensive online puppy training program, designed by experienced trainer Steffi Trott, aims to help dog owners raise a well-behaved, social, and friendly puppy. The course provides lifetime access to over 70 lessons, including videos and an exclusive eBook, with a focus on critical behaviors like biting, potty training, and chewing. Participants can learn at their own pace from home, with the ability to ask unlimited questions to professional trainers. The program promises noticeable improvements in puppy behavior with just 10 minutes of practice per day. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, lifetime personal support, and seven bonus mini-courses covering specific issues like hyperactivity and separation anxiety.

2. K9 Training Institute’s “Dog Masterclass” (BEST OVERALL)

In addition to basic puppy training, this more comprehensive training class tackles any behavior problem you might face with your dog. It’s made in a very easy-to-follow video format.


Raising a St. Bernard is both a privilege and a responsibility. Given their massive stature and equally big hearts, initiating training early is the cornerstone for a well-mannered and balanced dog. Furthermore, embracing the advantages of online dog training resources ensures a comprehensive, adaptable, and enriched training journey. With dedication, patience, and the right tools, your St. Bernard will evolve into not just a gentle giant, but a well-rounded family member radiating grace and poise.

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