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Shiba Inu Puppy Training: The Surprising Truth About When to Start

The Shiba Inu is an ancient Japanese breed known for its intelligence, agility, and fox-like appearance. These small but spirited dogs have captured the hearts of many with their unique combination of charm, independence, and devotion to family. However, it’s this same independence and intelligence that make training a Shiba Inu essential from an early age. In this article, we will explore when is the best time to begin training your Shiba Inu puppy, what behavioral problems you may face if training is delayed, and how online dog training courses can be particularly advantageous for this intriguing breed.

The Ideal Time to Start Training of a Shiba Inus Puppy

The consensus among professional dog trainers and veterinarians is that early training yields the best results. For Shiba Inu puppies, the optimal window for training opens between 8 and 12 weeks of age. At this point, your puppy is ready to absorb new learning experiences and can start mastering basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come.”

Your focus should not be limited to obedience training alone; socialization is equally crucial. Shiba Inus can be somewhat reserved or aloof with strangers and potentially aggressive towards other dogs if not socialized properly. Early exposure to different people, pets, and environments can help mitigate this tendency.

While puppies in this age bracket may have a short attention span, they are often eager to please, making training sessions a fun and bonding experience. It’s advisable to keep these sessions brief—around 5 to 10 minutes—but consistent to maintain momentum and interest.

Potential Behavioral Challenges from Delaying Training of a Shiba Inus Puppy

Delaying your Shiba Inu’s training could result in a host of behavioral issues. The most common challenges include:

  1. Stubbornness: Shiba Inus are known for their independent nature, which can come off as stubbornness. This can make them harder to control if you haven’t established your leadership role through early training.
  2. Aggression: Without early socialization, your Shiba Inu might become aggressive or intolerant towards other animals and possibly even people.
  3. Resource Guarding: This breed can be possessive about its belongings and territory. Unaddressed, this can escalate into resource guarding, which can become a safety concern.
  4. Escape Artist Tendencies: Shiba Inus are skilled climbers and diggers. Without proper training, they may attempt to escape fenced-in yards or even slip out of leashes.
  5. Selective Hearing: Shiba Inus are intelligent but can also be manipulative. They may choose to ignore commands when it suits them, especially if they have not been trained to see you as their pack leader.

Benefits of Using an Online Dog Training Course for Shiba Inus Puppy

  1. Convenience: One of the significant advantages of online dog training is the convenience it offers. You can train your Shiba Inu at your own pace, without having to adhere to scheduled classes. This is ideal for busy individuals or those who prefer a more flexible training schedule.
  2. Comprehensive Training Material: Online courses often provide a plethora of resources that can be accessed at any time. This is particularly helpful for Shiba Inus, given their unique behavioral traits. Online courses often include videos, quizzes, articles, and even direct access to experts to ensure a well-rounded training experience.

The Only 2 Online Puppy Training Courses We Recommend

1. SpiritDog’s Ultimate Puppy Bundle (BEST BUDGET FRIENDLY OPTION)

This comprehensive online puppy training program, designed by experienced trainer Steffi Trott, aims to help dog owners raise a well-behaved, social, and friendly puppy. The course provides lifetime access to over 70 lessons, including videos and an exclusive eBook, with a focus on critical behaviors like biting, potty training, and chewing. Participants can learn at their own pace from home, with the ability to ask unlimited questions to professional trainers. The program promises noticeable improvements in puppy behavior with just 10 minutes of practice per day. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, lifetime personal support, and seven bonus mini-courses covering specific issues like hyperactivity and separation anxiety.

2. K9 Training Institute’s “Dog Masterclass” (BEST OVERALL)

In addition to basic puppy training, this more comprehensive training class tackles any behavior problem you might face with your dog. It’s made an a very easy to follow video format.


Training your Shiba Inu isn’t just a recommendation—it’s a necessity for a fulfilling and harmonious life together. The best time to start training is when your pup is between 8 and 12 weeks old. Delaying training could result in behavioral issues that are challenging to correct, such as stubbornness, aggression, and selective hearing. Online dog training courses offer a convenient and comprehensive solution for busy pet owners, helping you address your Shiba Inu’s unique needs effectively. By starting early and being consistent, you’ll be able to nurture a well-adjusted, obedient, and loving companion in your Shiba Inu.

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