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Desperate Dog That Lived On Trash Is Reprieved Minutes Before Euthanasia

Meet Beasley, a lovable dog with a unique face who defied the odds and found a loving forever home. Beasley’s story began when he was found tied up and severely underweight, landing him on the euthanasia list due to his medical condition. However, fate had other plans for this resilient pup.


After being placed in a foster home, Beasley received the medical care he needed and was eventually cleared for adoption. That’s when Corey and her partner, Andrew, came into the picture. Despite already having their hands full with another rescue dog named Roman, the couple decided to give Beasley a chance.

Upon meeting Beasley, Corey was surprised by his small size, describing him as a “little tiny tank” weighing 57 pounds. Beasley’s endearing quirks, such as sticking his tongue out when he’s comfortable and reaching out to hold hands, quickly won over his new family.


Beasley’s past remains a mystery, but it’s clear that he was once someone’s beloved pet. His teeth are broken from eating trash when he was abandoned, but he’s now in good health and enjoying his new life. Beasley has a laid-back personality and adapts easily to new situations, making him a perfect addition to the family.

One of Beasley’s most charming traits is his love for people. When out on walks, he takes note of anyone who acknowledges him and will later visit their houses, waiting at the driveway for a friendly hello. Beasley is also a “nester,” spending considerable time arranging his bed before tucking himself in and settling down for a snooze.


Corey and Andrew are committed to ensuring Beasley feels included and loved in their family. They understand that he may have experienced disappointment and abandonment in his past, and they’re determined to make up for it by providing a loving, supportive home.

Beasley’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the power of love and second chances. This once-forgotten dog, rescued from the brink of euthanasia, now brings joy and laughter to his forever family.

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