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Couple Opens Home To Pregnant Frenchie, Hoping She’ll Be A Good Mom

When a couple received a call from their daughter about a pregnant dog needing a foster home, they didn’t hesitate to open their hearts and home to the sweet mama-to-be. This would be their first time fostering a mother dog and her puppies, but they were determined to ensure everything was comfortable for the new arrivals.


They prepared a cozy space for the mother, Sookie, and her soon-to-be-born puppies. Sookie was initially protective of her little ones, but it quickly became apparent that she knew she was in a loving and safe environment. The couple was initially worried about the tiny puppies, but within a few days, they could tell that Sookie was going to be a great mom. She took care of her babies, while the couple took care of her – everyone was looking out for one another.


As the weeks went by, the puppies grew and changed so much. They began walking and exploring their surroundings, much to the delight of their foster parents. Sookie, who had been focused on her puppies, started to engage with the couple’s other dogs as her little ones became more independent.

The initial stress of being a new mom slowly subsided for Sookie, and her puppies continued to thrive. Once the puppies reached eight weeks old, they would be eligible for adoption. The couple knew that the adorable pups would find their forever homes quickly, and they were especially thrilled when their son and daughter-in-law decided to adopt Sookie.


The family threw an amazing adoption party for Sookie, celebrating her new life as a beloved family pet. She fit right in with her new pack and quickly became a cherished member of the family. Sookie’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the power of love, compassion, and the incredible bond between humans and animals.

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