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Westie Puppy Training: The Surprising Truth About When to Start

West Highland White Terriers, affectionately known as Westies, are small in stature but big in personality. With their crisp white coats and mischievous eyes, they have captivated hearts worldwide. Beyond their charming appearance, Westies are known for their strong-willed and independent nature. Training is essential to ensure that your Westie becomes a well-adjusted adult dog. In this article, we’ll explore the ideal time to start training, the potential pitfalls of delayed training, and the advantages of online dog training for your Westie.

 The Ideal Training Age for a Westie Puppy

Start Early: The importance of beginning training early cannot be stressed enough. At around 7-8 weeks, once the puppy has comfortably settled into its new home, training should commence. The foundational weeks are critical in shaping behavior and setting boundaries.

Socialization: At this age, your Westie puppy should be introduced to various environments, people, sounds, and animals. Proper socialization will help in building confidence, reducing the chances of an overly timid or aggressive adult dog.

Basic Commands: Though advanced tricks and commands can be introduced later, fundamental commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’ are essential at this stage. Positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats and praises, work best with Westies.

Behavior Problems Due to Delayed Training of a Westie Puppy

A Westie is innately spirited and sometimes stubborn. Delaying or neglecting early training can lead to several behavioral issues, such as:

1. Excessive Barking: Westies are alert dogs, and without training, they can develop a habit of unnecessary barking at every little noise or movement.

2. Aggression or Territorial Behavior: Westies have a strong territorial instinct. If not socialized early, they might become aggressive towards strangers or other animals.

3. Digging: Westies love to dig, and without proper training and redirection, your garden might bear the brunt of this instinctual behavior.

4. Stubbornness: A Westie can be headstrong. If they don’t recognize you as the leader from an early age, they might decide to be the boss, leading to a power struggle in training sessions.

Benefits of Using an Online Dog Training Course for Your Westie Puppy

With the advent of the digital era, online dog training platforms have surged in popularity. For Westie owners, these platforms offer some significant advantages:

1. Flexibility and Convenience: One of the most notable benefits of online training courses is flexibility. You can tailor your training sessions according to your schedule. This is particularly useful for Westies, as short, frequent training sessions can be more effective than longer, infrequent ones.

2. Variety of Techniques: With access to a plethora of trainers and methods online, you’re not restricted to one training style. Different Westies may respond better to different techniques, so having an assortment of strategies at your disposal can be invaluable.

The Only 2 Online Puppy Training Courses We Recommend

1. SpiritDog’s Ultimate Puppy Bundle (BEST BUDGET FRIENDLY OPTION)

This comprehensive online puppy training program, designed by experienced trainer Steffi Trott, aims to help dog owners raise a well-behaved, social, and friendly puppy. The course provides lifetime access to over 70 lessons, including videos and an exclusive eBook, with a focus on critical behaviors like biting, potty training, and chewing. Participants can learn at their own pace from home, with the ability to ask unlimited questions to professional trainers. The program promises noticeable improvements in puppy behavior with just 10 minutes of practice per day. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, lifetime personal support, and seven bonus mini-courses covering specific issues like hyperactivity and separation anxiety.

2. K9 Training Institute’s “Dog Masterclass” (BEST OVERALL)

In addition to basic puppy training, this more comprehensive training class tackles any behavior problem you might face with your dog. It’s made in a very easy-to-follow video format.


Training a Westie puppy might require some patience given their spirited nature, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Starting early sets a foundation for a more comfortable and fulfilling relationship with your Westie. Remember, an untrained Westie can develop habits that are challenging to correct in adulthood. With the benefits of online dog training platforms, you now have an array of tools and techniques to aid in your training journey. Approach the process with consistency, love, and understanding, and you’ll have a well-mannered Westie companion by your side.

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