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Stray Dog Sits With His Injured Mate, Sure His Love Will Cure Her

Passersby saw two distressed strays and called for help. While waiting, they witnessed something truly incredible. One dog, later named Ruby, was writhing on the ground after being hit by a car. Her best friend, later named Max, stayed at her side, unwilling to leave her. He knew his doggy soulmate needed him more than ever.


Seeing Ruby in pain, Max’s compassion kicked into gear. He gave her reassuring kisses, trying to explain– in his own way– that help would be there soon. Rescuers arrived and used food to coax Max over so they could attend to Ruby. The intelligent pup understood these humans were there to save his best friend’s life.


The rescuers took both dogs to the clinic, where Max refused to leave Ruby once again. He cried as she was examined, eventually convincing staff to put him on the exam table with her. His presence gave Ruby the comfort she desperately craved. Ruby was in terrible shape, but the clinic staff was convinced she would persevere.


Max and Ruby’s story continues. Their love proves that the best medicine doesn’t always come from the hands of a doctor but from the heart. Their bond is too beautiful to miss! Click play on the video below to see what follows in this tenderhearted tale.

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