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Lonely Dog Puts Her Head On Tiny Puppy, Claims Him As Her Own

Keri was driving along when she saw a man holding a tiny puppy. She asked if she could take him and the man agreed. The baby was only 3-4 weeks old! Keri already had a grown dog named Abby and prayed that her pup would find a companion. And just as fate had it, the tiny puppy, now named Riley, came into their lives.


When Abby met little Riley, she fell madly in love with him. She was instantly protective and stayed by his side. Abby loved him so much that she put her head on top of him, claiming him as her own. Riley, who had missed having a mom, looked to Abby as a maternal figure. They fit together like they were always meant to be.


The dogs approach their daily lives as a team. It’s paw-dorable! Their adoring mom made up a game. She writes two destinations for the day’s adventure on a piece of paper, folds them up, and places them behind her back. The pups will then ‘pick out’ where they want to go.

Abby and Riley’s bond is love in its purest form! To meet the pair and fill your ‘feel-good’ quota of the day, click play on the video below. We love these two, as will you!

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