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Dog Eats Groom-To-Be’s Passport Just Weeks Before Overseas Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, there are countless things that can go wrong. However, for one couple, an unexpected obstacle came in the form of their mischievous dog, who decided to snack on the groom-to-be’s passport just weeks before their international wedding.

Image/Source Credit: Good Morning America via YouTube Video

Brett and Shani, a couple from New York, were excitedly preparing for their destination wedding in Italy. With just a few weeks left before the big day, they had everything in order: the venue, the guest list, and all the necessary travel arrangements. But they never anticipated that their dog, Bear, would throw a wrench into their plans.

Bear, a 3-year-old Australian Shepherd, has a history of chewing on things he shouldn’t. However, his latest act of destruction was by far the most consequential. One day, while Brett was at work, Bear managed to get ahold of his passport and chew it to pieces.

Image/Source Credit: Good Morning America via YouTube Video

When Brett discovered the destroyed passport, he was understandably panicked. With the wedding just weeks away, he knew he needed to act fast to replace the essential document. He immediately contacted the U.S. Department of State and explained the situation, hoping they could expedite the process.

Thankfully, the Department of State was understanding and agreed to help Brett obtain a new passport in time for the wedding. After a few tense days, Brett received his new passport, and the couple’s wedding plans were back on track.

The couple’s story quickly went viral, with many people sympathizing with their predicament and sharing their own experiences with mischievous pets. Some even shared tips on how to prevent similar incidents in the future, such as keeping important documents in a secure location or using a pet-proof container.

Image/Source Credit: Good Morning America via YouTube Video

Despite the stress and uncertainty caused by Bear’s actions, Brett and Shani were able to see the humor in the situation. They even incorporated the story into their wedding ceremony, using it as a lighthearted anecdote to entertain their guests.

In the end, the couple’s wedding went off without a hitch, and they were able to enjoy their dream destination wedding in Italy. As for Bear, he stayed behind in New York with a pet sitter, undoubtedly dreaming of his next chewable conquest.

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