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Puppy That Was Someone Else’s Trash Ends Up Being Couple’s Treasure

A couple came across a tiny puppy on the street, covered in fleas. They had no idea where she came from and asked around. The passersby said she was thrown away like trash! The couple picked up the puppy, brought her into their vehicle, and named her Suki after the village where they found her.


The couple, Brady and Alex, have been rescuing animals in Bali since they went there on vacation. They noticed an overabundance of strays and knew they had to help. After Suki went to the vet, Brady and Alex took her home, where they would temporarily foster her until she’s old enough to go to her forever family.


The little girl was initially nervous but soon realized her foster parents are awesome! Alex put her on their bed and said, “From the streets to the sheets!” How adorable! Suki proved to be a ball of non-stop energy. She rarely tires out. The happy puppy also relished being part of a trio puppy pack at the couple’s home. But then the other pups found forever homes, leaving Suki heartbroken.

The couple knew they had to act fast! To meet Suki and find out what happens next, click play on the video below. Thank you, Brady and Alex, for rescuing animals in need.

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