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Kids Laugh And Ridicule Two Dogs Callously Dumped In Public Restroom

Two dogs were dumped in a public restroom. The male dog, Marmite, was very protective of his little sister, Toasty. Their owner set them up in a pathetic cardboard box with a dirty blanket and little hope. Thankfully, Sidewalk Specials arrived eager to help. But Toasty didn’t understand their intentions and ran behind the toilet, shaking uncontrollably.


Once on a leash, Marmite fought rescue, untrusting of humans. One rescuer picked up Toasty, hoping Marmite would follow. He continued to thrash about in fear. Kids laughed and made fun of him outside the restroom. The rescuer tried to make them stop, but it was of no use.


The dogs were finally captured and transported to Cape Town. Sidewalk Specials is asking for help with their vet bills and finding them a new forever home. Let’s do our part and share Marmite and Toasty’s story so they can find their happily ever after!

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