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Doodle Puppy Sprints Toward Dad’s Voice, Gives Him Long Distance Kisses

Leaving our furbabies behind is never fun, especially for hours at a clip. Before interactive cameras, we went to work, and they stayed at home. There was no communication in between. But thanks to modern technology, we now have the opportunity to check in during the day and see what they’re up to. We can even say hello!


Dog Dad to an adorable Doodle named Bella missed his baby girl. He used his Ring cam to check on her. He called out her name, and she came running toward the sound of his voice. It’s a big house, and Dad wondered what kind of mischief she was getting herself into.


At first, Bella is confused about where Dad’s voice is coming from. While she looks around, Dad calls out her name again. Now she sees him! Once her adorable little face is centered in the lens, her dad says, “There you are!” And reassures his baby that he’ll be home soon. Her reaction: camera kisses just for Dad! This short and sweet video can’t be missed! Aren’t pups the best?

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