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Pup Frequents Couple’s Porch, They Tie A Note To Owner Around Her Neck

A beautiful dog showed up on a couple’s porch. They figured she belonged to someone, but they gave her some food anyway and sent her on her merry way. She came back once a week, again, to say hello and to be fed. But she always left straight after. After five months, the couple, Jane and Matt, decided to write a note to her owner and tie it around her neck.


When the dog returned again, Jane and Matt checked for a note, but the owner never responded. By then, temperatures had dropped, and she had lost weight. They let her inside and gave her the love she craved. They put her back on the porch with a warm blanket to see if she’d return home. She refused to leave. She had adopted the couple and wanted Jane and Matt to adopt her back.


Jane and Matt didn’t want to steal the dog, but it became apparent to the couple that she wanted to stay. It took some time, but finally, Jane and Matt located the dog’s owners. They asked if they could keep the dog they named Mama Bear. The owners’ response came as a surprise. Play the video below to find out what happens next in Mama Bear’s story.

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