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Lamb Politely Requests Dad’s Affection, Nudges Him With Her Little Hoof

Lambs are adorable creatures with sweet faces and fluffy coats. Their overwhelming cuteness is hard to resist. A man who owns a flock of sheep did us a solid and filmed as one affectionate lamb comes up to him as he lays in the grass.


The little lamby’s gentle nudges on Dad’s arm are everything! She makes it clear as to what she wants: loving pets from her doting dad. The man obliges, petting her on the head and neck. She loves every minute of it! As soon as Dad stops, she gently nudges him again with her little hoof. This little one is TOO CUTE for words!


Since Dad knows all about a sheep’s lifecycle, he enjoys every moment he can while they are babies, socializing the herd before they are fully grown. The baby’s love for her human dad is immeasurable and the same goes for Dad’s love for her! To see the sweetness for yourself, scroll down to the video below!

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