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Clydesdales Tumble And Pile Up During A Show, And The Crowd Gasps In Unison

As everyone in attendance gathered with eagerness, the Budweiser Clydesdales made their grand entrance. These majestic creatures embodying beauty, strength, and poise filled the arena with amazement – until a shocking occurrence occurred. One man captured it on camera: all of the horses tumbled down simultaneously! The entire crowd was left in shock as this moment of fright unfolded before them.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: via YouTube Video

As the announcer divulges the horses’ upcoming performance, audience members gaze in awe. The animals stride from side to side with precision as they clop through their routine. Just when it appears that everything is going perfectly, disaster strikes! All of them unexpectedly collapse while making a synchronized turn; leaving viewers in shock and horror at what just transpired.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: via YouTube Video

The stadium announcer shouts out to not stir into a frenzy, yet one woman in the audience can be heard crying “Oh my God!” as people rush forward to help the horses.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: via YouTube Video

It takes a few moments to re-harness the horses, but after that is accomplished, they make an epic exit from the arena!

Watch what happens in the next part of the video below!

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