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Baby Mini Horse Couldn’t Make A Single Friend, Big Hearted Dog Stepped In

Eleanor came to R&R Ranch at 20 years old. Stacy happily took in the senior miniature horse, eager to give her a happy life. Due to her advanced age, it never occurred to Stacy to check if Eleanor was pregnant, but they learned soon enough!


Once her pregnancy progressed and her belly protruded, Stacy had the vet perform an ultrasound. Everyone was surprised but excited to meet the new addition to the ranch. Eleanor gave birth to Teddy and Stacy was in awe. He was so tiny!


Eleanor was very protective of Teddy. If the other horses came near the stall and peeked over, she’d place her body between them and give them a piece of her horsey mind. That message was heard loud and clear! Teddy was isolated from then on. If he ran around and played outside, no one joined him.

Teddy was desperate for friends and that is when a very special pup stepped up! Eleanor was hospitalized, and during that time, Stacy’s dog Handsome watched over the little horse. Soon Teddy and the pup’s friendship blossomed, giving Teddy the boost of confidence he needed.


Once the other horses saw Handsome playing with Teddy, this gave them the green light. Teddy’s lonely world changed thanks to a tenderhearted Golden Retriever! To see Teddy’s adorable tale, click ‘play’ below.

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