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Woman Cradles Terrified Pit Bull In Her Arms And Dog’s Fear Melts Away

Lisa from Big Love Animal Rescue responded to a call about a small stray Pit Bull in the desert. Locals reported that she appeared in that area about a year ago. If a human was in her sightline, she ran up and down the field until she was left alone. On Lisa’s first day, the pup did the same thing. Lisa had faith, but this dog would certainly be a challenge to rescue.


On the second day, the rescuers were able to trap the dog. Everyone celebrated! The elusive stray would finally get the help she needed! Lisa approached the cage and noticed the dog was smaller than she expected. She promised the little girl, “I will never let anything bad happen to you again.”


The petite Pittie, now named Pepper, stayed with Lisa until she found her forever home. Pepper’s fear of humans subsided once she realized they wanted to give her all the love in the world. With tail wags and smiles, she snuggled into Lisa when the rescuer held her. Pepper will never have to face life on her own again!


To find out what happens next in Pepper’s rescue tale, scroll down to the video below. We are so grateful that Pepper is now safe! Thank you, Lisa and Big Love Animal Rescue.

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