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Rescue Dog Waits All Day In Driveway For Daddy To Come Home

Sadie is a loyal Lab that loves her mom and doggy siblings. But it’s her dad that has her heart. Tim, a mine inspector, often saw Sadie as a stray hanging around the guard shack. She didn’t trust people and would run away if they tried to touch her.


One day, Sadie saw Tim getting into his truck and followed. She flashed him a quirky, toothy smile. He rolled down the window and told her to hop in. She did, and the rest is history! Sadie chose her dad, knowing he was her human soulmate.

The pup is so attached to Tim that she waits, all day if she has to, in the driveway for him to get home from work. She’ll sit, lie down, pace– until she sees Dad’s truck pulling in. Once Dad exits the vehicle, Sadie gets so excited! She’s like, “Dad, where ya been?! It felt like forever!”


Sadie’s driveway ritual happens every day. Her mom is used to it, even if she thinks the dog is a bit dramatic. Dad’s homecoming is a full-on love fest! You have to see Sadie’s loyal routine for yourself! What a good girl!

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