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Woman’s ‘Love Letter’ To Pit Bull That Smiles Through Every Little Thing

This video tribute to a woman’s Pit Bull is a heartwarming, happy-tear-jerker that’ll convince anyone that Pit Bulls are the best! Narrated by Shortcake’s mom, she tells the story of how she fell in love with the smiley dog. This love letter is written to her.


It begins with: “You’ve always had the biggest smile, even when you were stuck in the shelter.” The Pittie coped with her current situation with a positive attitude. When Amy first met Shortcake, their bond was instant! Amy knew she couldn’t live without her now that Shortcake had a piece of her heart.


Shortcake quickly became the center of Amy’s life. She and her husband take turns putting Shortcake in a backpack. The family loves to take her to the beach, the office, and on car rides to hang with friends. She’s also a fantastic babysitter, loving every moment with her little humans. Shortcake’s sworn enemy is napkins! Silly pup!


As the video wraps up, Amy says, “You never stop smiling and watching you always reminds me to enjoy every single minute of the day.” Let Shortcake be your inspiration too! Scroll down to experience the sweetest puppy smiles!

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