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Mom Put Orphan Chihuahua And Rescue Kitten Together And A Love Fest Ensued

A wonderful foster family took in a five-day-old Chihuahua named Casanova. He was so small that they had to care for him around the clock. Soon, they received a call about an orphan kitten just rescued from the streets. They would surely have their hands full, but they couldn’t turn away another newborn in need.

Tiny Casanova spent his first days clinging to life. Without a mother to keep him warm and nurse him, he needed human intervention. His foster family did all they could to care for and protect the fragile puppy. But something was missing. That was until the kitten came into their care.


The teeny ginger kitten, named Cheech, was introduced to Casanova. He was certainly curious about the little puppy. As soon as he sniffed him, he felt an instant connection. The kitten kissed his wet nose and knew this pup was his interspecies soulmate!


Cheech wrapped his paws around the pup and held him tight. Their friendship blossomed further, and the duo spent every night snuggled closely. Their unwavering love for one another is beyond words! See for yourself in the video below!

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