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Dog Befriends Soldiers And Then ‘Flips Out’ When She Recognized One Of Them

When soldiers serve our country abroad, they frequently meet with a variety of locals. The majority of these pals are human beings, but occasionally soldiers form attachments with local animals, most often dogs.

When Nick Pierzchalsk, a medevac pilot in Iraq, met a 1-year-old Shepherd mix stray one day, she approached him and began playing with him. Nick and his crew were instantly taken with the dog. They chose the name Airys for her because it was an uplifting name for soldiers deployed overseas.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video

Airy was fed and housed by the crew on a daily basis, and she even had her own kennel built in their hangar. She became a member of the team. Nick’s companions kept urging him to bring her back home with him and adopt her once he returned to the United States.

He knew he couldn’t let Airys live in the harsh desert environment. He’d fallen for her hard and wanted to provide her with a wonderful life – running on green grass while happily chasing squirrels.

Nick was able to complete his ambition and Airys was flown all the way to the United States thanks to SPCA International. Fox 13 News broadcast their incredible reunion at Tampa International Airport live.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video

Airys’ video provides a look at her reaction when she first spots Nick at the airport. She instantly recognizes him and starts wagging her tail. What a wonderful moment: best pals seeing each other again after months apart! Airys squeals with delight, and it brought tears to our eyes.

Watch this heartwarming video about Airy’s story below! Please be sure to ‘SHARE’ this with a friend or family member!

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