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K9 Accused Of Committing A Lunchtime Crime Against His Fellow Officer

The incident occurred on what started out as a fairly standard day at the police station. Officer Barwig was enjoying his lunch in the police department’s breakroom when he was called away to assist with a situation that was occurring in the jail. He didn’t hesitate to leave in the middle of his munching, springing into action and leaving his salami sandwich behind. It wasn’t long before he returned to see K9 Officer Ice licking his lips as he left the room. 

And his half-eaten lunch was gone!

Officer Ice

Within a police officer’s sworn oath is the promise to protect personal property. Which is exactly why it was so shocking that an officer would be under investigation for stealing! But Ofc. Ice had been spotted at the scene of the crime, and he has a history with similar behavior. Not only has he been known to rummage through trash cans that are within his reach, but there have been several other accusations of him taking food right out of fellow coworkers’ hands when they are within his vicinity.

After the incident, Ofc. Ice invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent, and he was not willing to cooperate with the investigation. So naturally, the police station decided to turn to social media for help. They then asked their Facebook followers for suggestions on how to proceed with their predicament. Should Ice do the time to pay for his crime?

As you may have guessed, their community came together to rally around Ofc. Ice. They adamantly asserted his innocence in the accusations. In fact, they threatened to incite massive protests if the station decided to move forward with their investigation and/or press charges.

Officer Ice

The community was keen to point out that there had been no photo or video evidence and that there simply wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Ice was guilty. Throughout it all, it became quite clear that Ofc. Ice has many fans.  Not only did dozens of people immediately come to his defense, but one local restaurant even dropped off a personalized sandwich for Ofc. Ice along with a tray of sandwiches for his human coworkers. They joked that perhaps the hardworking officer wasn’t being fed enough.

After that, it was decided that Ofc Ice would not face any internal discipline or criminal charges. The public had spoken! All charges were dropped.

You can watch an amusing recap of the entire incident via the video below.

Featured Image: YouTube

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