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Dog Smiles Her Way Through 4 Yr Shelter Stay Without A ‘Glimmer Of Despair’

Shelter life is tremendously hard on dogs, especially for dogs with longer stays. For a beautiful Pittie named Marilla, her days dragged on while she was “behind bars” in a depressing kennel. But through the difficult days– with incessant barking, four walls to stare at, and little contact with anyone– she remained hopeful. That is why dogs are so amazing!


Hillary, a shelter volunteer, describes Marilla’s personality. She says, “I never saw a glimmer of despair in her, EVER! I felt horrible looking at her life. [But] Not Marilla! She has the strongest spirit I have ever seen!” The dog was such a delight to be around that it was difficult to understand why no adopters were interested in taking her home.


No-kill shelter stays can drag on for years. Long-time residents need extra care to prevent trauma. Amazingly, Marilla smiled her way through the lengthy four-year shelter sentence. Yes, four years! But then, as if she won the love-lottery, everything changed!


It took four miserable years in the shelter before Marilla could experience the life she always deserved. This rags-to-riches story is epic! Marilla’s outlook, despite her circumstances, epitomizes hope and tenacity. To see the rest of her tale and her happily ever after, watch the video below!

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