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‘Normal’ Dogs Wouldn’t Warm Up To Disabled Puppy Before He Embraced Her Entirely

A puppy, Rachel, and her sister were brought into the shelter. Her ‘normal’ sister was quickly adopted, but Rachel was overlooked. The disabled puppy couldn’t find a home. The PAWerful Rescue stepped in to help. The sweet puppy craved doggy friends but was rejected all over again! Duke with The PAWerful Rescue explains in the video, “Dogs with disabilities don’t often warm up to disabled pups like Rachel.”


Duke added that it’s imperative for dogs with disabilities to socialize to build up their confidence. But Rachel didn’t have that outlet. The dogs Rachel tried to befriend wanted nothing to do with her UNTIL… IHOP entered the picture.


IHOP was the runt of the litter. She was born without front legs. She also had a hard time making friends and longed for companionship. Duke introduced IHOP and Rachel and the dogs formed an instant connection. They needed one another, and their disabilities brought them together!


Rachel’s friendship with IHOP worked miracles! Rachel’s demeanor improved, and she felt more confident around ‘able-bodied’ dogs. Seeing Rachel smile is everything! Click play on the video below to see the adorable dogs interact. And to find out what happens next!

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