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Human Crudely Cut Her Ears Off But She’s Still Vying For A Loving Home

Lisa Chiarelli, with Frankie Lola and Friends rescue, heard about a Pit Bull that was dumped in the middle of the woods. Luckily, Lisa and the other volunteers tracked her down. The dog, later named Nikki, took one look at the strangers and took off. She was petrified! Humans had only let her down before.


The rescuers set up a trap and hung back. Nikki sniffed around the cage. Lisa’s heart raced! She could hardly breathe! The hungry dog inched inside slowly toward the food. When the trap door slammed shut, Lisa could finally exhale. The pup was safe!

Dogs are generally petrified when they hear that door slam and cower into a corner, but not this pup. Nikki was beyond starving and continued to eat. Lisa approached the cage and was in for a surprise! Nikki was actually HAPPY! She wagged her tail and smiled. Lisa put her hand in the cage and got kisses of gratitude.


The clever girl knew she was saved! To go from distrusting humans, for good reason, to this- and so quicklywas a miracle! Once at the vet, the doctor told Lisa that Nikki’s ears had been crudely cut at home by a heartless individual.


Nikki eventually transitioned into a foster home and attended adoption events, but people weren’t interested. Her ears were such a turn-off that no one cared to bring her home! Devastating! But this pup’s story is far from over. Click play on the video below to see Nikki’s rescue story.

If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in adopting Nikki, click here. Let’s come together and find this beautiful girl a home!

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