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Shepherd Stands Vigil At Front Door Waiting For Papa To Return

Katie Snyder adopted a beautiful German Shepherd she named Leia. The dog had a wonderful temperament but wasn’t exactly a cuddle bug. At times, it was hard to tell whether she really loved a person or just tolerated them. Her loyalty was there, but not her ‘mushy’ side. Nevertheless, she was a very good girl!


Katie sent Leia to live with her parents temporarily for a doggy vacation. Katie has two other dogs, and it was a nice break for the pup, especially since Leia had her grandparents all to herself. Leia was enjoying her time, fur sure, but Katie had no idea that the pup was bonding closely with her dad, Tom. A connection that was deeper than any relationship Leia had experienced before.


Leia’s grandparents were out to dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary when Tom fell ill. He was a cancer survivor and some concerning symptoms arose. He needed to be rushed to the hospital. Katie’s mom couldn’t go with him due to Covid restrictions.


Leia watched her grandma walk through the door, alone. The dog’s concern was obvious. The pup stood vigil with her head bowed, refusing to leave the front door. Katie’s mom took a photo of the dog and texted it to Katie. She was in awe! Her dog never bonded with anyone like this before. It was obvious that Leia had picked her favorite human. To see the story’s happy ending, click play on the video below.

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