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Slaughterhouse Dog Glances Back And Gives Thanks For Protecting His Heart

Four Paws International protects animals around the globe. Lavery was one of dozens of dogs rescued from a slaughterhouse in Cambodia, thanks to Four Paws’ efforts. He and the other pups were then flown to The States to find their forever homes. Lavery went to Christina, her husband Andrew, and their dog Koda to be fostered.


When Lavery arrived, he was so scared that he kept his tail tucked between his legs. He shook when his foster parents tried to pick him up. The poor boy was traumatized, but that didn’t deter his foster family! Within a few days, Lavery warmed up to Koda and wanted to play and snuggle. But Koda wasn’t exactly a playful pup and wasn’t sure about Lavery. But despite the challenge, Lavery worked day and night to win her over.


The tenacious pup climbed up on the couch next to her, nudging into Koda’s body as if he were saying, “Love me, PLEASE!” Did Koda learn to accept Lavery? Did the slaughterhouse survivor find his forever family? This inspiring story can’t be missed!

Thank you, Four Paws International, for all your hard work. And thank you to all the fosters out there for your selfless hard work. Click play on the video below to find out what happens next in Lavery’s “tail.”

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