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Oxycodone Coupon for Pets [2023]

Are you looking for a way to save your dog’s Oxycodone prescription? Our Rx Discount Card for Pets can save you up to 80% of your pet’s Oxycodone.

What Pharmacies Accept This Oxycodone Coupon Card for Pets?

This card is accepted at over 60,000 participating pharmacies in the US, including:

Pharmacies that participate in our pet prescription discount coupon

How Much Will My Pet’s Oxycodone Cost Using This Coupon?

In order to view a real-time pricing estimate, please use our pricing lookup tool here.

How Do Prescription Discount Cards for Pets Work? How Can It Help Me Save On My Dog’s Oxycodone Prescription?

Pet prescription discount cards can be a helpful tool for pet owners looking to save on their pet’s medications, including Oxycodone. Here’s a basic rundown of how they work:

  1. Sign Up: Many pet prescription discount cards are available for free or for a small fee. You sign up and receive a physical card or a digital version to show at the pharmacy.
  2. Find a Participating Pharmacy: These cards can typically be used at a wide range of pharmacies, both physical and online. Each card provider will list the participating pharmacies where you can use the card.
  3. Show the Card: When you go to fill your pet’s prescription at a participating pharmacy, you show them the discount card. The pharmacist will then apply the discount when charging you for the medication.
  4. Pay Less: You pay the discounted price for the medication, not the full retail price.

Discount cards can help you save on your pet’s Oxycodone prescription by lowering the cost you need to pay. The amount you save can depend on various factors like the card’s specific discount rate, the medication’s retail price, and prices at different pharmacies.


  • Prescription discount cards aren’t insurance and can’t be used together with pet insurance.
  • The discount cards only provide savings on medications, not on vet visit or consultation fees.
  • Not all medications may be covered by all cards, and discounts may vary.
  • It’s wise to compare prices at different pharmacies and with different discount programs to ensure you’re getting the best possible price.

Always discuss any concerns about the cost of your pet’s medication with your vet. They may be able to suggest additional ways to save or alternatives that could be more affordable.

What Are Some Common Reasons Oxycodone is Prescribed for Dogs?

Pet drugs

Oxycodone is a powerful opioid medication often used in human medicine to manage severe pain. However, its use in veterinary medicine, including in dogs, is less common and often limited due to concerns about safety, potential for abuse, and regulatory issues.

That said, here are a few potential reasons oxycodone might be prescribed in a veterinary context:

  1. Severe Pain Management: In cases where a dog is suffering from severe pain, such as due to cancer, surgery, or traumatic injury, and other pain management strategies are not effective, a vet may consider using oxycodone. However, it’s important to note that other opioids, such as tramadol, fentanyl, or morphine, are more commonly used in these situations in veterinary medicine.
  2. Palliative Care: In end-of-life care, where the focus is on keeping the pet comfortable rather than treating an underlying condition, a vet might use stronger medications like oxycodone to manage pain.

If a vet does prescribe oxycodone for a dog, they will do so with strict instructions on dosage and administration, and the dog will need to be closely monitored for side effects. Potential side effects of oxycodone in dogs can include sedation, constipation, and respiratory depression.

Additionally, it’s important to note that because oxycodone is a controlled substance, there are strict regulations about its prescription and use. These regulations vary by location, so in some places, vets may not be allowed to prescribe oxycodone for pets at all.

Always consult with a vet before administering any medication to a pet. It’s crucial to follow the vet’s instructions closely when giving a pet medication, particularly when it comes to powerful drugs like oxycodone.

What Are Some Other Ways I Can Save Money on My Pet’s Oxycodone Prescription?

Absolutely, there are several other strategies you can use to potentially reduce the cost of your pet’s Oxycodone prescription:

  1. Price Comparisons: It’s a good idea to compare prices at different pharmacies. The cost of the same medication can vary widely from one pharmacy to another. There are websites and apps available that can help you do this.
  2. Buy in Bulk: If your pet will be on Oxycodone for an extended period of time, buying in larger quantities may save money. However, it’s crucial to discuss this with your vet, as this medication is a controlled substance, and there may be regulations limiting how much you can obtain at once.
  3. Ask About Alternatives: If Oxycodone is too expensive, ask your vet if there are other, less expensive medications that might also be effective for your pet’s condition.
  4. Manufacturer’s Assistance Programs: Some pharmaceutical companies offer financial assistance or discount programs for their medications. Check the manufacturer’s website or ask your vet to see if such a program is available.
  5. Veterinary Schools or Charities: Some veterinary schools or charitable organizations might offer discounted services or have programs to help pet owners afford necessary medications.
  6. Pet Insurance: If you have pet insurance that covers prescriptions, it may cover some of the cost of Oxycodone.

Remember to always consult your vet before making any changes to your pet’s medication regimen. Your vet is your best resource for finding the most cost-effective treatment that will also be safe and effective for your pet.

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