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Husky Steals German Shepherd’s Birthday Bone, Gets Caught & Throws A Tantrum

When Kaden the German Shepherd received a wonderful bone as a birthday present, his Husky brother was furious. Zeus has always been a bossy and obstinate Husky, and he felt deeply “wronged” when he saw his brother playing happily with his birthday present.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube Video

Zeus, on the other hand, is a crafty ten-year-old who plans to get even by himself. When Mom leaves the two dogs alone, Zeus pounces on Kaden and demands him to share his bone. Poor little Kaden is a peaceful dog who likes nothing more than curling up with his family, yet he has no idea how to handle Zeus taking his new bone.

As expected, Kaden doesn’t put up a fight and simply tries to hold on to his toy for as long as possible. But Mom smells something fishy going on, so she walks into the room to find Zeus and Kaden locked in a battle over the bone – both refusing to let go!

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube Video

Kaden relents to Zeus and gives up his bone. Mom feels bad for Kaden and immediately goes to Zeus. She manages to retrieve the bone from him and returns it to Kaden. This causes Zeus to snap, and he starts yelling at Mom for not buying him a present.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube Video

In any case, the rest of the day is spent with Mom enduring her Husky’s cutest “mean temperament” as he whines and howls in an attempt to make her acknowledge her “mistake.” Zeus may be a little too sensitive, but he unconditionally loves Kaden. This is why Kaden never really starts a fight with his older brother and allows him to get his way.

Click the video below to watch Husky’s jealous antics as he tries to rob the bone from Kaden! 😆

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