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Brave Mama Dog Has Emotional Reunion After Her Pups Were Stolen

The trials faced by a stray dog can parallel those of homeless humans, particularly when the dog is a new mother. Besides grappling with finding shelter, these dogs are frequently met with disdain and mistreatment, with some even viewing them as pests. Unlike humans, dogs lack the capacity to articulate their struggles or past experiences, which complicates the process for those seeking to help them. One such tale involves a young mother dog found carrying her deceased puppy. This tragic event led to the discovery of her litter, all in need of immediate care and attention.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube Video

The rescue team was alerted by an urgent message, complete with a video of the grieving mother dog seeking assistance. She had reportedly given birth on the streets. The team hurried to the location, where they found a section of a home cordoned off, keeping the mother and her pups secure. Her hideout was a shallow, plant-surrounded burrow with the entrance guarded by the mother. The rescuers surmised her fear and understood that coaxing her out would be challenging.

Despite their attempts at gentle persuasion, the frightened dog merely growled in response. However, it was evident she desired their assistance, even though she was too terrified to trust them. With the aid of a soft snare, they intended to gently draw her out. Surprisingly, she was cooperative, and despite some difficulty getting her to stand and approach them, she eventually emerged without stepping on her puppies.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube Video

Her demeanor indicated that she was a gentle dog who wished no harm, which the rescuers reciprocated, reassuring her of their goodwill. They christened her Jade, who allowed them access to her pups, seven in total, one of whom had sadly not survived. While transferring the puppies, Jade displayed anxiety, which the rescuers addressed by demonstrating the pups were in good hands. Guiding her into a crate with a puppy, they ensured the rest were safe in a separate crate, but within Jade’s sight. Before leaving, the rescuers vowed to keep the reporting party informed about the family’s progress. However, the rescue mission was only just beginning.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube Video

The next stop was the hospital to ensure Jade and her pups received the necessary medical care. There, they discovered that Jade was a young mother, which could explain her unease with strangers handling her pups. Thankfully, all were in good health and did not require serious medical intervention. Despite their rescue and her good health, Jade appeared to be disquieted. The rescuers speculated that perhaps she was simply acclimating. The following day brought a revelation explaining Jade’s continued concern. Stephanie, the original informant, revealed that a neighbor had taken one of the pups, believing she could raise it independently. After a difficult night of the puppy’s distress, the neighbor confessed to her mistake, resulting in the joyous reunion of the pup with Jade.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube Video

The reunion with her missing pup restored Jade’s tranquility. It seemed apt to name the puppies after precious stones, reflecting their priceless nature. An immediate fostering arrangement was made for the family, to provide care until permanent homes could be found. Fast forward eight weeks, and the family is flourishing, visibly content, and ready for adoption.

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