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The 10 Best Coyote Vests For Dogs Protect From Predators In 2023

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As more and more dog parents become aware of the threats posed by predators in both rural and urban areas, the demand for protective gear like coyote vests for dogs has surged. These specially designed predator vests provide a vital layer of protection, acting as a shield against coyotes and other potential threats. In this rapidly growing market, separating the best from the rest is essential, ensuring your furry friend gets the optimal protection they need and deserve.

In this article, we delve into a comprehensive review of the best coyote vests for dogs available today, aiming to help you find the perfect fit for your canine companion. We’ll explore key factors to consider when shopping for a predator vest, such as size, material, coverage, and other important features. Additionally, we’ll tackle some frequently asked questions about these life-saving garments, giving you a full understanding of how they work and how they can keep your dog safe. Whether you live in a region frequented by coyotes and other predators or just want to ensure your dog’s safety during your outdoor adventures, this article will guide you in making an informed decision.

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Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing Coyote Vests for Dogs

When choosing a coyote vest for your dog, there are several factors you should consider to ensure that it’s suitable for your pet’s needs. Here are some important ones:


The vest should fit your dog properly. It should be snug enough to stay on but not too tight that it restricts movement or breathing. Most manufacturers will provide a size chart that you can refer to when making a purchase.


The material should be durable and resistant to punctures and bites. High-grade Kevlar is commonly used due to its toughness and lightweight properties. The material should also be comfortable for your dog to wear for extended periods.


The vest should provide adequate coverage to protect the major areas that a coyote would target, which typically includes the neck and back.


The vest should be lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh your dog down or impede their movement. This is especially important if your dog will be wearing it during walks or other forms of exercise.


Many coyote vests come with bright colors or reflective strips to make your dog more visible, which can deter potential predators and make it easier for you to keep an eye on your pup.

Ease of Use

The vest should be easy to put on and take off. Look for designs with adjustable straps and quick-release buckles.

Spikes or Protective Spines

Some predator vests come with spikes or protective spines as an added defense against coyotes. If you’re considering these types of vests, make sure the spikes are firmly attached and do not pose a danger to your dog or other people.


Even the best protective gear is useless if your dog refuses to wear it. Make sure the vest is comfortable for your dog, doesn’t chafe, and doesn’t restrict their ability to go to the bathroom.

Weather Resistance

If you live in a wet climate, consider a waterproof or water-resistant vest. If it’s generally hot, breathable materials, like nylon and polyester, will help keep your dog cool.

Customer Reviews

Check customer reviews to see what others are saying about the product. They can provide insight into the product’s effectiveness, durability, and overall quality.


Last but not least, price is always a factor. High-end vests will typically offer better protection and durability, but they also come with a higher price tag. Decide what features are most important to you and aim for the best you can afford within your budget.

Remember, no vest can guarantee 100% protection against coyotes, hawks, or other predators. Always supervise your dog when they’re outside, especially in areas where predators are common.

The 10 Best Coyote Vests for Dogs

#1 – CoyoteVest SpikeVest Dog Harness Vest

CoyoteVest SpikeVest Dog Harness Vest

  • Puncture-resistant Kevlar material
  • Neck spikes & 2 strips of spikes for the back
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for secure & comfortable fit
  • Reflective stripes: Enhance visibility in low-light
  • Available in 5 sizes & 7 colors

The CoyoteVest SpikeVest Dog Harness Vest is an innovative, robust, and practical product for dog parents who wish to ensure their pup’s safety. The vest’s standout feature is the puncture-resistant Kevlar material designed to shield your dog from possible attacks, coupled with spikes that deter potential predators from grabbing hold. Additionally, the adjustable Velcro straps and range of available sizes make it simple to secure a good fit for any dog. The vest’s reflective stripes ensure visibility even in low-light conditions, enhancing safety during evening walks.


  • High-quality, puncture-resistant Kevlar material
  • Spikes deter predators effectively.
  • Adjustable straps and various sizes
  • Defensive spikes act as a deterrent


  • Not be suitable for doggy social settings
  • Some dogs may require time to adjust to the feel and weight of the vest
  • High price tag

#2 – Raptor Shield Puncture Resistant Pet Harness for Small Dogs

Raptor Shield Puncture Resistant Pet Harness for Small Dogs

  • Made of robust, durable polycarbonate material
  • Designed specifically for small dogs
  • Lightweight design for easy wear
  • Adjustable strap for secure fitting
  • Available in 4 sizes

The Raptor Shield Puncture Resistant Pet Harness is a specially designed predator vest for small dogs, providing exceptional defense against potential threats. Crafted from durable polycarbonate – the same material used in bulletproof windows – the harness offers impressive puncture resistance, ensuring maximum protection. The harness is lightweight and features an adjustable strap that ensures a secure fit, preventing the shield from shifting while the dog moves.


  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Offers maximum protection
  • Snug and secure fit
  • Offers small dogs protections coyotes, hawks, owls, and eagles
  • Made in the USA


  • Design may be cumbersome for some pets.
  • Exclusively for small breeds, leaving out medium to large dogs.
  • It might take time for pets to adjust to wearing the shield.

#3 – CoyoteVest CoyoteWhiskers Protection

CoyoteVest CoyoteWhiskers Protection

  • Made of durable & lightweight nylon material
  • Visually intimidating profile designed to deter predators
  • Easy to attach to existing harnesses or collars
  • Bright colors add visibility
  • Available in 8 colors

The CoyoteVest CoyoteWhiskers Protection is an innovative safety accessory that makes your pup look like a walking sparkler but keeps them covered from attack! Designed to deter predators, the CoyoteWhiskers boast a visually intimidating profile with their bright colors and wild design. Made of nylon, the whiskers are lightweight, durable, and easy to attach to a dog’s existing harness or collar using provided Velcro attachments. This accessory is also beneficial in crowded places as it discourages overly curious pets or children from approaching your dog without permission.


  • Adds an extra layer of protection without spikes
  • Lightweight and easy to attach
  • Deters unwanted attention in crowded places
  • Easy assembly


  • May not provide sufficient protection alone, more effective when used with a spiked vest
  • Some dogs may require time to adjust

#4 – BUVUB Puncture Resistant Dog Vest

BUVUB Puncture Resistant Dog Vest

  • High-quality, puncture-resistant material
  • Neck spike collar for extra protection
  • Adjustable straps to fit various dog breeds
  • Reflective stripes for increased visibility
  • Available in 3 sizes

The BUVUB Puncture Resistant Dog Vest is an excellent protective solution designed to ensure the safety of your dog against potential threats. Made from high-quality, durable material that’s resistant to punctures, the vest provides robust protection without compromising your dog’s comfort. The removable rivet collar is made of highly malleable ductile steel plates for additional coverage. It also features adjustable straps that make the vest fit securely and comfortably for a wide range of dog breeds. An added benefit is the vest’s reflective stripes that enhance visibility, ensuring your dog is seen during low-light conditions.


  • Durable and puncture-resistant
  • Secure and comfortable fit.
  • Good for low light conditions


  • The vest may be heavy for smaller breeds

#5 – XSFANCYFUN Tactical Dog Harness No Pull Spike Vest

XSFANCYFUN Tactical Dog Harness No Pull Spike Vest

  • Durable nylon with puncture resistance
  • 4 removable sticky spikes strips
  • Tactical no-pull design for superior control.
  • Intimidating spikes to deter potential predators.
  • Multiple adjustment points and quick-release buckles 

The XSFANCYFUN Tactical Dog Harness No Pull Spike Vest is a robust and versatile spiked vest that combines protection and control effectively. The harness incorporates an array of intimidating spikes that serve as a deterrent against potential predators, and the no-pull design ensures excellent control over your pup during walks. Constructed with heavy-duty, durable material, the vest provides exceptional resistance against punctures. Notable features include the vest’s multiple adjustment points and quick-release buckles, offering a comfortable, custom fit for various breeds.


  • Combines protection and control effectively
  • Intimidating spikes that can be removed when needed
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Multiple adjustment points


  • Design could be too heavy for smaller dogs
  • Spikes may not be acceptable for doggy social settings
  • May require a period of adjustment

#6 – Sheripet Coyote Proof Dog Vest Harness

Sheripet Coyote Proof Dog Vest Harness

  • Robust, puncture-resistant material
  • Removeable spike strips
  • Adjustable strap system for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Soft fleece lining
  • Available in 4 sizes & 5 colors

Protected and punk rock! The Sheripet Coyote Proof Dog Vest Harness is a substantial protective solution crafted from robust, puncture-resistant material, providing reliable protection. But, the spikes can be removed when not needed. The harness is specifically designed with an adjustable strap system to ensure a secure fit for a range of dog breeds, promoting comfort while wearing. In addition, the vest features a reflective strip for increased visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing safety during evening walks.


  • Easy on, zipper closure
  • Durable and puncture-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Snug, comfortable fit for various breeds
  • Enhanced visibility via reflective strips


  • May require time for your dog to adjust to wearing
  • Expensive price tag

#7 – Lzdrason Tactical Dog Harness Coyote Vest for Medium Dogs

Lzdrason Tactical Dog Harness Coyote Vest for Medium Dogs

  • High-quality, durable polyester & nylon
  • Molle laser cut panel for protection
  • Tactical no-pull design
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable, secure fit
  • Available in 3 sizes

While not a spiked predator vest, the Lzdrason Tactical Dog Harness Coyote Vest is an impressive protective tool tailored for the protection of medium-sized dogs. Constructed with high-quality, durable materials, this harness provides significant resistance against potential punctures and other threats. The vest also employs a tactical no-pull design for enhanced control during walks. Its adjustable straps and various sizes cater to a broad range of breeds, ensuring a secure fit.


  • Provides significant protection with its durable build
  • Enhanced control with two D-rings
  • Foam-padded & quick dry


  • Might be heavy for smaller breeds or older dogs
  • Some dogs may require time to adjust to weight and feel

#8 – Berry Pet Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar

Berry Pet Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar

  • Durable leather construction for longevity
  • Sharp spikes for protection
  • Adjustable design with collar buckle
  • Studded accents for added style
  • Available in multiple sizes & 5 colors

The Berry Pet Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar is a distinct product that combines style and safety in one quality collar. Made of sturdy and durable leather, this spiked collar is designed with sharp spikes that deter potential predators, while its studded accents lend a unique aesthetic appeal. The collar’s adjustable design makes it suitable for a wide range of breeds, ensuring a comfortable fit that also offers protection of your pup’s neck.


  • Durable and sturdy leather material
  • Heady duty D-ring for control


  • Spikes may pose a risk of injury during active play or in social settings
  • Collar can be heavy for smaller dogs

#9 – CoyoteCollar Blue Dog Collars for Small Dog Breeds

CoyoteCollar Blue Dog Collars for Small Dog Breeds

  • 1-inch collar spikes
  • Durable material for longevity
  • Bright blue color for enhanced visibility
  • Lightweight design for easy wear
  • Snap buckle closure

The CoyoteCollar Blue Dog Collar for Small Dog Breeds is a stylish and functional product designed with the safety of your small-sized canine companion in mind. The one-inch spikes keep them protected from predators, but they can be easily removed. Made of durable material and featuring an adjustable strap, this collar ensures both longevity and a comfortable fit. Its bright blue color enhances visibility, a significant advantage during low-light conditions or outdoor adventures. The collar’s lightweight design makes it easy for small dogs to wear without discomfort.


  • Made of durable material for longevity.
  • Adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit for small breeds.
  • Bright color enhances visibility
  • Waterproof and easy to clean


  • May not offer substantial protection against larger predators

#10 – CoyoteVest HawkShield Pad

CoyoteVest HawkShield Pad

  • Protects against hawks, eagles, owls, & other raptors
  • Triple layers of genuine DuPont Kevlar material
  • Easy to attach to existing CoyoteVest
  • Water & UV-resistant for increased durability
  • Available in 4 sizes & 7 colors

The CoyoteVest HawkShield Pad is a thoughtfully designed accessory that offers enhanced protection for your pet against aerial predators. Made from strong, durable, and lightweight DuPont Kevlar, the HawkShield Pad provides significant resistance against potential talon punctures from hawks or other birds of prey. Its easy-to-attach design means it can be quickly added to any existing CoyoteVest, increasing the utility of your dog’s protective gear. The HawkShield Pad is also water and UV-resistant, adding to its durability.


  • Provides enhanced protection against aerial predators
  • Easy to attach Velcro
  • Extreme durability


  • Expensive accessory
  • Compatibility is limited to CoyoteVest products

FAQs About Predator Vests for Dogs

What is a coyote vest for dogs?

A coyote vest for dogs, also called a predator vest, is a piece of protective clothing designed to safeguard your canine friend from potential attacks by coyotes and other predators. These vests are typically made from high-strength, puncture-resistant materials like Kevlar and are fitted with spikes or spines along the back and sides. This not only makes it difficult for predators to grab onto the dog but can also deter an attack in the first place. The vests are usually brightly colored or equipped with reflective materials to increase your dog’s visibility, further acting as a deterrent.

Are coyote vests effective?

Yes, coyote vests can be quite effective in protecting dogs from potential predator attacks. The strong material used in their construction makes it difficult for a coyote or other predator to bite or claw through. The added spikes or protective spines provide an additional layer of protection, deterring an attack by making it uncomfortable or even painful for a predator to grab the dog. However, while coyote vests can significantly decrease the risk, no vest can guarantee 100% protection. It is still essential to keep an eye on your pet and use other preventative measures, especially in areas known for coyote activity.

Can my dog still swim, hike, and do other activities while wearing the vest?

Generally, dogs can perform most of their regular activities, like walking, running, and hiking, while wearing a coyote vest. However, the vest’s added weight and bulk might take some getting used to. Introduce the vest during short activity periods initially, gradually increasing the duration as your dog becomes more comfortable.

Regarding swimming, it depends on the specific vest model. Some are made with water-resistant materials and can be worn during a swim, but others may become heavy and uncomfortable when wet. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Does my large dog need a predator vest?

While it’s true that coyotes and other predators are more likely to target smaller dogs, larger dogs are not completely safe from such threats, particularly if they are elderly or have mobility issues. A predator vest can provide an extra level of protection for your large dog, especially in areas with a high predator presence. The vest will not only help shield your dog from potential harm but also deter predators due to its intimidating design and high-visibility colors.

Can a coyote vest also protect against other predators?

Yes, a coyote vest can also provide protection against other predators such as wolves, foxes, and large birds of prey. The durable, puncture-resistant material and the protective spikes or spines work as general deterrents against a wide range of predators, not just coyotes. However, remember that the vest’s effectiveness might vary depending on the size and strength of the predator.

Can I use a tactical harness for dogs as a predator vest?

A tactical dog harness is not specifically designed to protect your dog from predators. Its primary purpose is to provide a sturdy, comfortable harness for activities such as training, hiking, or working in roles like police, military, or search-and-rescue operations. If you’re looking for protection against predators, you would be better off looking into specialized protective gear designed to ward off specific threats. For example, there are coyote vests available that have spikes or quills to deter predators.

What other steps can I take to protect my dog from coyotes and other predators?

Aside from equipping your dog with a protective vest, there are several measures you can take to safeguard your furry friend:

  • Always supervise your dog when they’re outdoors, especially at dawn and dusk when coyotes are most active.
  • Keep your yard well-lit and your trash secure, as these can attract coyotes.
  • Install a coyote-proof fence around your property if possible.
  • When walking your dog, keep them on a leash and stay in populated areas.
  • Carry a whistle or a can of compressed air to scare off any coyotes you might encounter.
  • Make sure your dog is up-to-date with vaccinations since encounters with wild animals can expose them to various diseases.
  • Educate yourself and your family about the habits and behaviors of coyotes and other local predators can help you anticipate potential risks and respond effectively.

spiked vest for dogs

Final Words

In the face of increasing encounters with coyotes and other predators, equipping your dog with a protective coyote vest is an investment in their safety and your peace of mind. Remember, each dog and situation is unique, and choosing the right vest depends on various factors, including your pup’s size, activity level, and predator risks in your area. By considering the guidelines and recommendations in this article, you’re taking a significant step towards ensuring your furry friend’s protection during their outdoor adventures.

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