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Survey: Two-Thirds of Pet Owners Say “Pet Insurance is Worth It”

In an era where pet parents are increasingly more likely to consider their fur babies as part of the family, insurance for pets has become a hotly debated topic. A new survey that dove into this issue gave a snapshot into the perspective of pet owners, particularly the ones who’ve opted for insurance coverage for their furry companions. The survey, conducted between July 17 and 18, 2023, managed to draw responses from a substantial pool of 381 dog owners, and the findings were illuminating.

The survey question that kicked off a wave of passionate responses was simple: “For those of you with pet insurance, do you think it’s worth it?” Interestingly, the majority, a solid 64%, confidently voiced their belief that pet insurance is indeed worth the monthly premiums. Contrarily, a less-convinced 23% dismissed the need for such an investment. The remaining 13% were on the fence, marking their responses as “Not sure yet”, underlining the complexity of this decision for many.

Among the respondents, we had Jackie, a Rottweiler mom who’d previously never thought about pet insurance. But after a harrowing experience with her 18-month-old pup who required surgery for hip dysplasia and a torn ACL, she wishes she’d chosen differently. “I am definitely going to look into it for the future!” she declared, her regret almost palpable. For pet parents like Jackie, insurance isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity to safeguard against unexpected, costly vet bills.

However, not all pet parents have had a positive experience with insurance companies. Linda, a previous Yorkie owner, shared her dissatisfaction with her pet insurance provider. She found that every time she filed a claim, it was denied for one reason or another. Linda now opts to maintain a savings fund specifically for any major health issues her pet may encounter in the future.

In the end, the conversation can often circle back to what Gill, another respondent, succinctly pointed out: “Just like all insurances…you don’t need it, till you REALLY need it, then you WISH you had it. It’s worth it for peace of mind.”

The survey results reveal a wide array of experiences and perceptions when it comes to pet insurance. The deciding factor often appears to be personal experiences and expectations about the future health needs of their pets. It’s a gamble of sorts, an insurance policy (literally) against the unexpected. As pet healthcare evolves and expands, the debate continues about what measures pet owners should take to secure the health and well-being of their beloved animals. One thing, however, seems certain: the bond between humans and their pets is invaluable, and many are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their companions stay healthy and happy.

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