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Milbemycin oxime Coupon for Pets [2023]

Are you looking for a way to save your dog’s Milbemycin oxime prescription? Our Rx Discount Card for Pets can save you up to 80% of your pet’s Milbemycin oxime.

What Pharmacies Accept This Milbemycin oxime Coupon Card for Pets?

This card is accepted at over 60,000 participating pharmacies in the US, including:

Pharmacies that participate in our pet prescription discount coupon

How Much Will My Pet’s Milbemycin oxime Cost Using This Coupon?

In order to view a real-time pricing estimate, please use our pricing lookup tool here.

How Do Prescription Discount Cards for Pets Work? How Can It Help Me Save On My Dog’s Milbemycin oxime  Prescription?

Prescription discount cards for pets are similar to those used for human medications. They offer a way for pet owners to save money on their pet’s medication by providing discounts on prescriptions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enrollment: You will first need to sign up for the prescription discount card program. Most of these programs are free to join.
  2. Obtaining the Card: After signing up, you will receive a card (either a physical card in the mail or a digital card via email).
  3. Using the Card: When purchasing your pet’s medication, present the discount card at the pharmacy. The pharmacist will calculate the discount based on agreements they have with the card provider.
  4. Discount: The discount amount varies depending on the medication and the pharmacy. In some cases, you could save up to 75% off the retail price of the medication.

A prescription discount card can help you save on your dog’s Milbemycin oxime prescription by lowering the cost. While it’s important to note that not every medication will have a significant discount, every little bit helps when it comes to pet care costs.

Keep in mind that these cards are not a form of insurance, and discounts cannot be combined with pet insurance benefits. Always compare the discounted price with your insurance price (if applicable) to make sure you’re getting the best deal. In some cases, the cash price with a discount card might be less than your insurance co-pay.

What Are Some Common Reasons Milbemycin oxime is Prescribed for Dogs?

Pet drugs

Milbemycin oxime is an anthelmintic and antiparasitic medication. It’s commonly prescribed for dogs for the following reasons:

  1. Heartworm prevention: Milbemycin oxime is often prescribed as a preventive treatment for heartworms. This is probably the most common reason for its use, as heartworms can be fatal to dogs. It’s typically administered monthly to prevent heartworm larvae from maturing into adult heartworms.
  2. Control of Intestinal Parasites: Milbemycin oxime is also used to treat and control the infestation of various types of intestinal parasites in dogs. These parasites include hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms.
  3. Control of Demodectic Mange: In some cases, Milbemycin oxime may be used off-label to treat demodectic mange, a skin condition caused by mites.

As always, any medication should only be given under the advice and supervision of a veterinarian, as side effects can occur and some breeds are sensitive to Milbemycin oxime. Always follow your vet’s dosing instructions closely, and report any side effects promptly.

What Are Some Other Ways I Can Save Money on My Pet’s Milbemycin oxime Prescription?

There are several ways you can save money on your pet’s Milbemycin oxime prescription apart from using a prescription discount card. Here are some strategies:

  1. Compare Prices: Prices can vary significantly between different pharmacies. Use online resources to compare the costs at different pharmacies in your area.
  2. Buy in Bulk: If your pet is on long-term Milbemycin oxime, it might be cheaper to buy in bulk. Ask your vet if it’s possible to get a prescription for a few months’ worth of medication.
  3. Ask for a Generic Version: Generic versions of a medication can offer significant savings. Ask your vet if a generic version of Milbemycin oxime is available and suitable for your pet.
  4. Veterinary Clinics: Some veterinary clinics may offer reduced rates for medications or have prescription assistance programs.
  5. Pet Insurance: If your pet is insured, check to see if your policy covers medications. Some pet insurance plans include coverage for prescription drugs.
  6. Manufacturer Discounts: Check the manufacturer’s website for any available discounts or special offers. Some pharmaceutical companies offer discount programs for their medications.

Remember, it’s crucial to consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet’s medication regimen. Any potential cost savings should never come at the expense of your pet’s health.

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