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Deaf Puppy Learns Sign Language To Care For Her Deaf, Blind Brother

Kind-hearted Eric adopted a blind and deaf dog named Yakoo. He wanted Yakoo to have a doggy companion. He searched for a brother or sister for him and found an organization with a jail program where inmates care for pups in need. Eric came across a puppy named Nuka.


Nuka was one of nine orphaned puppies. All the puppies found loving homes except for Nuka because she’s deaf. Eric drove quite the distance to meet the puppy and fell in love instantly, especially when sweet Nuka gave him the sweetest kisses!

Yakoo and Nuka met and formed an instant bond. Even at a young age, Nuka was protective of Yakoo. She sensed he was deaf and blind and needed her eyes to assist him. Since Nuka can see, Eric taught her sign language. She’s in charge of bringing the doggy duo back to Dad when he calls them.


Eric will sign, “Grab the leash,” and Nuka will bring Yakoo back to him. Eric is also teaching Nuka tapping because there’s a possibility she will go blind in the future. The dogs have inspired Eric to see and hear the world differently. To see the amazing pair in action, scroll on down!

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