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Boy Mutters “She Needs A Good Home,” After Dog’s Found Motionless In Orchard

Breana from Fresno Humane Animal Services approached a motionless dog on the ground in an orchard. The poor pup could only move her eyes. Breana’s heart broke. She then noticed the dog had a broken leg. The defeated pup was at their mercy.


The dog, now named Keena, was wrapped in blankets, picked up, and placed into a carrier. She was then taken to the rescue center. Luckily, they found Keena a medical foster family, straight away. Their little boy, who is just a toddler, bent down when he first met her and said to his mom, “She needs a good home.”


With time to heal and much love, Keena walked four weeks later. The dog felt happiness, maybe for the first time in her life, and was motivated to play with the other dogs. She built up her stamina, and eight weeks later, she was running!

Keena’s story is far from over! The pup is still looking for her forever family. Please watch the video and do your part! Share her story with friends and family, so she can find the ‘pawfect’ home.

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